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Subject: Biblical Studies and Early Christianity

General Editors: David G. HUNTER, University of Kentucky, United States, Paul J.J. van GEEST, Tilburg University, Netherlands, Bert Jan Lietaert Peerbolte, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The Brill Encyclopedia of Early Christianity focuses on the history of early Christian texts, authors, ideas. Its content is intended to bridge the gap between the fields of New Testament studies and patristics, covering the whole period of early Christianity up to 600 CE. The BEEC aims to provide a critical review of the methods used in Early Christian Studies and to update the historiography.

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Date: 2018-10-15


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Date: 2018-10-15


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Author(s): Hunink, Vincent
Felicity (Felicitas; c. 181–203 CE) was a young martyr of the early North African church. She died in Carthage on Mar 7, 203 CE, along with a group of other young Christians, the most famous of whom was Perpetua. Felicity’s memory was recorded in the Passio Perpetuae et Felicitatis, one of the earliest Christian texts written in Latin (see Amat, 1996; Heffernan, 2012).Name and LifeThe name Felicitas was fairly common in Roman Africa, both for freeborn women and for slaves (see Bremmer, 2012, 36). In later times, Christians did not fail to see the spiritual s…
Date: 2018-10-15
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