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The Brill Encyclopedia of Early Christianity focuses on the history of early Christian texts, authors, ideas. Its content is intended to bridge the gap between the fields of New Testament studies and patristics, covering the whole period of early Christianity up to 600 CE. The BEEC aims to provide a critical review of the methods used in Early Christian Studies and to update the historiography.

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Two Ways Doctrine

(1,665 words)

Author(s): Boddens Hosang, F.J. Elizabeth
The doctrine, or teaching, of the Two Ways is a summary of an early basic instruction about Christian life before baptism. The Two Ways instruction, or doctrine, as most binary admonitions, uses dual imagery: good versus bad, light versus darkness, death as opposed to life, the broad and narrow road to choose between in life. These dual images are also found at Qumran, throughout the Rule of the Community (1QS 3.13–4.26), but also in Deut 30:15–20; Ps 1; Jer 21:8, and in the texts of Hesiod ( Op. 287–292; LCL 57) and Xenophon ( Mem. 2.1.21; LCL 168).The first chapter of the Teaching of the Two Ways,…
Date: 2020-04-14


(3,111 words)

Author(s): Vercruysse, Jean-Marc
Tyconius (fl. 370 CE) is an African layman who lived during the second half of the 4th century CE. His literary output dates from 370 to 395 CE. Augustine of Hippo, who undoubtedly never met him, and De viris illustribus, by the historian Gennadius of Marseilles, are the only two available sources of information we have about him.A Politically Committed Layman and TheologianTyconius belonged to the Donatist movement (Donatism/Donatists). It seems likely that his first two works, De bello intestino and Expositiones diuersarum causarum, which are now lost, dealt one way or the o…
Date: 2020-04-14