Brill’s New Pauly Supplements II - Volume 8 : The Reception of Antiquity in Renaissance Humanism

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Edited by : Manfred Landfester

For the thinkers, artists and scholars of the Renaissance, antiquity was a major source of inspiration; it provided renewed modes of scholarship, led to corrections of received doctrine and proved a wellspring of new achievements in almost every area of human life. The 130 articles in this volume cover not only well known figures of the Renaissance such as Copernicus, Dürer, and Erasmus but also overall themes such as architecture, agriculture, economics, philosophy and philology as well as many others.

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Dante Alighieri

(3,604 words)

Author(s): Wolfzettel, Friedrich (Frankfurt am Main)
A. Life and workThe Italian poet, scholar, and diplomat D. was born in May or June 1265 at Florence into a family of the urban nobility that proclaimed its descent from the 'holy seed' of an ancient Roman gens (Dante, Inf. 15,73–78). D. extolled as his ancestor Cacciaguida, knighted as a hero of the faith by King Conrad III in the 12th cent. (Dante, Par. 15,16). D. died on September 13/14, 1321 while taking part in an embassy to Ravenna.Orphaned at a young age, D. was only with difficulty able to maintain his rank as a nobleman. He probably received his first schooling …
Date: 2016-11-24

Delorme, Philibert

(1,830 words)

Author(s): Ruby, Sigrid (Gießen)
A. Life Philibert D., also De l'Orme/de Lorme, was a French architect, architectural theorist and military engineer, and an important proponent of a genuinely French Renaissance architecture. Born between June 3 and June 9, 1514, at Lyon, the son of the Lyon master mason ( macon juré) Jean D. I, he died in Paris on January 8, 1570. His half-brother was the architect Jean D. II.Nothing is known of D.'s youth or education. According to his own testimony, he lived at Rome from 1533 in order to advance his studies of architecture and to survey ancient remains [1.131, 197]. He made connection…
Date: 2017-08-10