Christian-Muslim Relations 600 - 1500

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Christian-Muslim Relations, a Bibliographical History Online is a general online history of relations between the faiths. It covers the period from 600 to 1500, when encounters took place through the extended Mediterranean basin and are recorded in Syriac, Arabic, Greek, Latin and other languages. Christian Muslim Relations Online comprises introductory essays on the treatment of Christians in the Qur’an, Qur’an commentaries, biographies of the Prophet, Hadith and Sunni law, and of Muslims in canon law, and the main body of more than two hundred detailed entries on all the works recorded, whether surviving or lost.

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 Second ritual of abjuration

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Author(s): Rigo, Antonio
Second ritual of abjuration Second ritual of abjuration Date: End of 10th century or beginning of 11th century Original Language: Greek Description A second formula of abjuration for converts from Islam to Christianity is preserved in a single 11th-century manuscript. Unlike the older formula (q.v.), it comprises 11 anathemas, of which only the first seven are directed against Muslims, while the rest are anti-monophysite, and specifically anti-Armenian. The first three anathemas are simple repetitions of the first three in the older…


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Author(s): Tolan, John
‘Sermons’ Jacques de Vitry Date: 1225-40 Original Language: Latin Description Jacques, both as bishop and as cardinal, composed and delivered hundreds of sermons in his career as a preacher of reform and crusade. It is in the later years of his life, in Rome, that he put into writing four major collections of model sermons: sermones dominicales (sermons for Sundays), sermones feriales (sermons for feast days), sermones ad sanctos (sermons in honor of the saints), and sermones vulgares or ad status (sermons to different categories of persons, from young virgins to Franciscan…

 Sermones contra los Judíos e Moros

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Author(s): Szpiech, Ryan
‘Sermons against the Jews and Muslims’ Abner of Burgos/Alfonso of Valladolid Date: Unknown; 14th or 15th century Original Language: Castilian Description This text, attributed to Abner of Burgos/Alfonso of Valladolid but of uncertain and disputed authorship, survives in a single known manuscript copy. Some earlier critics (Falbel; Santiago-Otero; Dagenais et al.) have treated this text as a single work, while others (Sainz de la Maza) argue it consists of two sermons (Dagenais et al. see these as ‘sections’ of the s…


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Author(s): Frassetto, Michael
Sermons Ademar of Chabannes Date: 1029-32 Original Language: Latin Description Although only a minor concern of the sermons, reference to Muslims appears at several key points and plays an important part in Ademar’s effort to identify and characterize the enemies of the faith. In several passages in his sermon De Eucharistia (MS 1664, fols 70v-78v), Ademar joins Muslims, or Saracens as he terms them, with Jews, pagans, heretics, antichrists and devils (MS 1664, fols 83, 84r, and 97r). His most extended and virulent critique of Muslims and Islam appears in his Sermo ad sinodum de catho…
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