Christian-Muslim Relations 600 - 1500

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Christian-Muslim Relations, a Bibliographical History Online is a general online history of relations between the faiths. It covers the period from 600 to 1500, when encounters took place through the extended Mediterranean basin and are recorded in Syriac, Arabic, Greek, Latin and other languages. Christian Muslim Relations Online comprises introductory essays on the treatment of Christians in the Qur’an, Qur’an commentaries, biographies of the Prophet, Hadith and Sunni law, and of Muslims in canon law, and the main body of more than two hundred detailed entries on all the works recorded, whether surviving or lost.

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Walter the Chancellor

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Author(s): Edgington, Susan B.
Biography Walter is known only from his work, The Antiochene wars, where he refers to himself as ‘the author Walter’ and ‘I myself, Walter the Chancellor’. He was chancellor of Antioch at the least between the years1114 and 1122, the period covered by his narrative, though another chancellor, Ralph, is recorded in 1127. Primary Sources of Information Walter is known only from references in the Antiochene wars. Secondary Sources of Information T.S. Asbridge and S.B. Edgington, Walter the Chancellor’s The Antiochene wars. A translation and commentary, Aldershot UK, 1999, pp. 5-6 H.E. Ma…

 Waṣf mujādala jarat bayn al-rāhib al-Simʿānī wa-bayn thalātha min fuqahāʾ al-Muslimīn wa-ʿudūlihim ḥaḍrat al-amīr al-mulaqqab bi-l-Mushammar … (title in Bāshā’s edition)

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Author(s): N. Swanson, Mark
Muḥāwara jadaliyya fī amr al-dīn jarat bayn al-ab al-jalīl Jirjis al-rāhib min Dayr al-qiddīs Simʿān wa-bayn thalāthat anfār min al-Muslimīn wa-ʿudūlihim, wa-dhālika bi-ḥaḍrat al-amīr al-mukannā bi-l-Malik al-Mushammar … (title in Qarʾalī’s edition)‘A description of the disputation that took place between the monk of [the Monastery of] St Simeon and three Muslim legal scholars and their withdrawal, in the presence of the emir called al-Mushammar…’; ‘A disputation-conversation on the matter of religion that took place between …

 Waṣf sīrat Abīnā l-nabīl fī l-abrār al-mashhūr fī l-qiddīsīn al-akhyār al-anbā Yūḥannā l-qiss al-Dimashqī l-mukannā bi-mujrī l-dhahab

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Author(s): Treiger, Alexander
An account of the life of our noble and pious Father, the famous and excellent saint Anbā John, the priest of Damascus, called Flowing with Gold [=Gr. Chrysorrhoas]’, ‘The Arabic Vita of St John of Damascus Michael al-Simʿānī Date: After 1085 Original Language: Arabic Description Michael al-Simʿānī’s Arabic Vita of St John of Damascus occupies 23 pages in Bacha’s edition and 12 folios in the oldest manuscript (MS Vat – Ar. 79). In its complete form, it includes an important prologue, the main body of the Vita, and a short epilogue with a supplicatory prayer to St John of Damascus…


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Author(s): Thomas, David
Abū ʿAbdallāh Muḥammad ibn Zayd (or Yazīd) al-Wāsiṭī Date of Birth: Unknown; probably mid 9th century Place of Birth: Wāsiṭ Date of Death: 918-19 Place of Death: Unknown; possibly al-Faṣīl Biography Almost nothing is known about al-Wāsiṭī apart from the information given by Ibn al-Nadīm, who identifies him as a student and relative of the leading Basran Muʿtazilī Abū ʿAlī l-Jubbāʾī (q.v.), dying four years after him. He settled at al-Faṣīl (which Dodge, p. 430, suggests may have been an outlying village of the capital) and wa…

 Waṣiyya ʿalā ḥāmil al-mutanaṣṣir

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Author(s): N. Swanson, Mark
'Instruction for the bearer of the convert to Christianity' Patriarch Cyril III ibn Laqlaq Date: 1235-36 Original Language: Arabic Description The waṣiyya is a short admonition to one who has ‘borne’ a young convert to Christianity. Cyril gives counsel to the convert’s sponsor or mentor with regard to the socialization of the convert into the Christian community of faith: by means of education, memorization of Christian writings, good company, early marriage, and ongoing care and attention. The letter mentions no na…

 Waṣiyyat rabbinā Yasūʿ al-Masīḥ li-tilmīdihī Buṭrus wa-huwa ḥāḍiruhu lammā kāna ṣāʿid ilā l-samāʾ ʿalā Jabal al-Zaytūn al-muqaddas

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Author(s): van Lent, Jos
'The testament of our Lord Jesus Christ to his disciple Peter, who was in his presence when he was ascending to heaven on the holy Mount of Olives’ Testament of our Lord (on the invasions of the Mongols) Date: Approximately 1312-13 Original Language: Arabic Description This historical apocalypse, known from two karshūnī MSS (its title is given in MS Paris, BNF – Syr. 232; it is also known as ‘The testament of our Lord on the invasions of the Mongols’, ‘The testament of our Lord Jesus Christ to his disciple Peter’, ‘Arabic testament of our Lord’ and Test Dom) deals with the vicissitudes of a …