Christian-Muslim Relations 600 - 1500

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General Editor: David Thomas, Alex Mallett
Associate Editors: Juan Pedro Monferrer-Sala, Johannes Pahlitzsch, Barbara Roggema, Mark Swanson, Herman Teule and John Tolan
Christian-Muslim Relations, a Bibliographical History Online is a general online history of relations between the faiths. It covers the period from 600 to 1500, when encounters took place through the extended Mediterranean basin and are recorded in Syriac, Arabic, Greek, Latin and other languages. Christian Muslim Relations Online comprises introductory essays on the treatment of Christians in the Qur’an, Qur’an commentaries, biographies of the Prophet, Hadith and Sunni law, and of Muslims in canon law, and the main body of more than two hundred detailed entries on all the works recorded, whether surviving or lost.

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 Doctrina pueril

(943 words)

Author(s): Hames, Harvey
'Teachings for children' Ramon Llull Date: 1274-6 Original Language: Catalan Description This work was written for Llull's son Domènec as a program for religious and scientific education. It contains 100 chapters dedicated to a wide range of subjects, such as the 14 articles of faith, the ten commandments, the sacraments, the virtues and vices, the various religions, the seven arts, the hierarchical structure of society, and chapters dealing with the soul, life, death, the four elements, and so on. In chapter 71, following chapters dealing with the natural law, the Old Law…

 Documentum martyriale

(163 words)

Author(s): Tolan, John
Martyrial document Eulogius of Cordova = Eulógio of Córdoba = Eulógio of Toledo Date: 857? Original Language: Latin Description This is an exhortation addressed to Flora and Maria, two Christians imprisoned for apostasy from Islam, urging them to remain steadfast in their Christianity and to endure persecution and martyrdom. Eulogius paints in lurid terms the image of the Muslim oppressor, whom he imagines lusting after innocent Christian virgins. Drawing inspiration from Jerome’s writings on virginity, Eulogius p…


(438 words)

Author(s): Prinzing, Günter
Biography Although Doucas’s Christian name is unknown, it may be supposed that it was Michael, because that was the name of his grandfather. The first knowledge we have of him is that, in 1421 and the years that followed, he was living in the Genoese colony of Nea Phokaia (near Smyrna), where, as an educated man, versed in Italian and Turkish, he was a secretary of the Genoese Giovanni Adorno, and thus also occupied with diplomatic correspondence. Later, probably after the Ottoman occupation of …

 Drāshā da-hwā l-ḥad men Ṭayyāyē ʿam iḥidāyā ḥad b-ʿumrā d-Bēt Ḥālē

(2,002 words)

Author(s): Roggema, Barbara
The Disputation that took place between one of the Arabs and a certain monk from the monastery of Bēt ḤālēThe Disputation between a monk of Bēt Ḥālē and an Arab notable (with slight variants) Unknown author Date: Probably 720s Original Language: Syriac Description This East-Syrian religious disputation between a monk and an Arab, which covers only 8 folios in the accessible manuscript, is one of the oldest surviving examples of the disputation genre of Christian apologetics vis-à-vis Islam. It is presented as a report of a live encounter and cast in the format of ‘question-and-answer’. Th…

 Al-durr al-thamīn

(379 words)

Author(s): N. Swanson, Mark
The precious pearl Sāwīrus ibn al-Muqaffaʿ Date: Unknown; mid or late 10th century Original Language: Arabic Description Not in MZ or HP. Al-durr al-thamīn is the earliest Arabic-language biblical and patristic florilegium (chain of quotations) produced in Egypt. Apart from an opening and closing chapter on the Trinity, its 15 chapters deal with Christological matters and quote extensively from the great Alexandrian church fathers (especially Athanasius and Cyril) as well as the leading theologian of the one-nature Christology, Patriarch Severus of Antioch. Significance This w…

 Al-durr al-thamīn fī manāqib al-muslimīn wa-mathālib al-mushrikīn

(349 words)

Author(s): Thomas, David
The costly pearl, on the virtues of the Muslims and defects of the associators Muḥammad ibn ʿAbd al-Raḥmān ibn Muḥammad al-Kātib Date: Unknown; between 1174 and 1193 Original Language: Arabic Description According to the part of Al-durr al-thamīn summarized by al-Nuwayrī ( Nihāyat, xxxi, pp. 261-64) in the context of an account of measures taken against the dhimmīs in 700 AH (on this see the accounts of other Muslim historians in D. Little, ‘Coptic conversion to Islam under the Baḥrī Mamlūks, 692-755/1293-1354’, BSOAS 39 (1976) 552-69, pp. 554-57), Muḥammad ibn ʿAbd al-Raḥmān…