Christian-Muslim Relations 1500 - 1900

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Christian-Muslim Relations, a Bibliographical History Online is a general history of relations between the two faiths as this is represented in works written by Christians and Muslims about the other and against the other. It covers all parts of the world in the period 1500-1914. Christian-Muslim Relations, a Bibliographical History Online comprises thousands of comprehensive entries on individual works and their authors, together with introductory essays to the periods and areas covered, making it the fullest available source in this field.


Jacob Cornelisz. van Neck

(693 words)

Author(s): Steenbrink, Karel
Jacob Corneliszoon van Neck Date of Birth: About 1564 Place of Birth: Amsterdam Date of Death: 15 March 1638 Place of Death: Amsterdam BiographyJacob Cornelisz. van Neck was born into a prominent family in Amsterdam. Very little is known about his youth except that his father died when he was two years old and his mother when he was about 11. He received a good general education and then special training in nautical sciences, and he became involved in various forms of trade.The oldest company for trade with Southeast Asia selected him as the admiral for its second fleet of ei…

Jacob Mantino

(543 words)

Author(s): Burnett, Charles
Jacob Mantino ben Samuel Date of Birth: Unknown Place of Birth: Unknown Date of Death: 1549 Place of Death: Damascus Biography Coming from a Jewish home and remaining faithful to his Jewish faith throughout his life, Jacob Mantino worked for Christian patrons, taught in Christian institutions and translated philosophical and medical texts into Latin for the advancement of these subjects among his Christian, Latin-reading, audience. His key role was in providing clear and up-to-date translations of the works of Averr…

Jacob Spon

(590 words)

Author(s): Apostolou, Irini
Date of Birth: 1647 Place of Birth: Lyon, France Date of Death: 1685 Place of Death: Vevey, Switzerland Biography Jacob Spon was born into a Calvinist family of German origin in Lyon in 1647. His father Charles, who was a famous doctor, sent him to Strasbourg to receive a humanist education. During his time there, Spon became acquainted with numismatics thanks to the training he received from Doctor Charles Patin, who introduced him to the coin collectors’ cabinets. Under the influence of his father, he also studi…

Jacobus Simancas, Simancas

(1,188 words)

Author(s): Lynn, Kimberly
Diego de Simancas Date of Birth: January 1513 Place of Birth: Cordova, Spain Date of Death: November 1583 Place of Death: Zamora, Spain Biography  Diego de Simancas was one of the most important theorists of the Spanish Inquisition. A Castilian jurist of the 16th century, his career included appointments as university professor, judge in a royal appellate court, member of the Inquisition’s governing council, special envoy to the papal court in Rome, and bishop. Throughout, Simancas persistently compiled and revised treatises on topics fr…

Jacques de Lavardin

(242 words)

Author(s): Do Paço, David
Date of Birth: Unknown Place of Birth: Unknown Date of Death: Unknown; after 1589 Place of Death: Unknown Biography Jacques de Lavardin, sieur de Plessis Bourot, was a French humanist and a member of the royal household under King Henry III of France (r. 1574-89). He first served in the royal army, like his father, who had fought in Italy under Francis I (r. 1515-47). Lavardin’s exact dates of birth and death are unknown, but he is known to have been active after 1575. In 1576, he translated Marinus Barletius’s chronicle of Scanderbeg’s uprising, and in 1577, Fernando de Rojas’s La Celestina o…

 Jahd al-qarīḥa fī tajrīd al-Naṣīḥa

(376 words)

Author(s): Burge, Stephen
‘The exertion of effort in unblocking the “Reminder”’ Abū l-Faḍl ʿAbd al-Raḥmān ibn Abī Bakr ibn ʿUthmān ibn Muḥammad ibn Khiḍr ibn Ayyūb ibn Muḥammad ibn al-Humām al-Khuḍayrī al-Suyūṭī Date: 1488 Original Language: Arabic Description This work is al-Suyūṭī’s abridgement of Ibn Taymiyya’s  Naṣīḥat ahl al-īmān fī l-radd ʿalā manṭiq al-Yūnān, although it still amounts to 174 pages in translation. Al-Suyūṭī added very little material, but aimed to remove some of the repetitiveness of Ibn Taymiyya’s original (trans. Hallaq, pp. liii-lvi). The work …

Jaime Bleda

(768 words)

Author(s): Poutrin, Isabelle
Date of Birth: 14 August 1552 Place of Birth: Algemesi, Valencia Date of Death: 3 December 1622 Place of Death: Valencia Biography Jaime Bleda was undoubtedly the most virulent advocate of the expulsion of the Moriscos from Spain. He devoted more than 20 years of his life to this cause, and his violent diatribes against the Moriscos, his militant stance and his strong tendency to justify himself, make him one of the most hated characters in Morisco historiography. Born in the Ribera Baja, south of Valencia, into a family of wealthy peasants, Bleda could pride himself on b…

Jakab Harsányi Nagy

(405 words)

Author(s): Kármán, Gábor
Jacobus Nagy de Harsány Date of Birth: 1615 Place of Birth: Körösnagyharsány, Hungary Date of Death: Between 1679 and 1684 Place of Death: Unknown; probably Friedrichswerder (today Berlin) Biography Jakab Harsányi Nagy was born in Körösnagyharsány in 1615, into a family that most probably belonged to the so-called hajdús, a group of peasant soldiers who enjoyed special privileges usually reserved for the nobility in return for their military service. He most probably attended the Calvinist College at Nagyvárad before his university studies. After completing his studies at var…

Jaketa Palmotić Dionorić

(348 words)

Author(s): Stojan, Slavica
Jakov Palmotić Dionorić Date of Birth: Around 1616 Place of Birth: Dubrovnik Date of Death: 20 February 1680 Place of Death: Dubrovnik Biography Jaketa Palmotić Dionorić was the only child of the nobleman and poet Ivan Gozze. He was admitted to the Major Council of the Dubrovnik Republic in 1643, and held various administrative offices. In 1665, he was appointed by the Ragusan authorities as ‘ambassador of the tribute’ and went to Istanbul where, due to the international political circumstances and an illness, he rema…

Jalāl al-Dīn al-Suyūṭī

(919 words)

Author(s): Burge, Stephen
Abū l-Faḍl ʿAbd al-Raḥmān ibn Abī Bakr ibn ʿUthmān ibn Muḥammad ibn Khiḍr ibn Ayyūb ibn Muḥammad ibn al-Humām al-Khuḍayrī al-Suyūṭī Date of Birth: 3 October 1445 Place of Birth: Cairo Date of Death: 18 October 1505 Place of Death: Cairo Biography Jalāl al-Dīn al-Suyūṭī was born on 3 October 1445, the son of the lawyer and judge ( qāḍī), Kamāl al-Dīn Abū Bakr al-Suyūṭī. His  nisba derives from the town of Asyūṭ in Upper Egypt. His father moved from there to Cairo to pursue what became a successful legal career (Sartain,  Jalāl al-Dīn al-Suyūṭī, pp. 21-2) and al-Suyūṭī never left Cairo, e…


(1,081 words)

Author(s): Bournoutian, George
Chambr‘Archival chamber’ Simeon Erevantsi Catholicos Date: 1765-76 Original Language: Armenian DescriptionSimeon gathered all the documents and manuscripts that had been left rotting in the various dusty corners of the Holy See and, after examining them, wrote  Jambṛ. The title comes from the French  chambre, because Simeon saw it as an archival chamber or repository. The original text is found in a manuscript (MS 978) consisting of 598 two-sided folios, with several blank folios, and there is also what seems to be a rough draught (MS 45…

James I

(2,032 words)

Author(s): Bennett, Clinton
Biography James Stuart became the first ‘King of Great Britain’, as he styled himself, when he succeeded his cousin, Elizabeth I, as king of England in 1603, having succeeded his mother, Mary, as King James VI of Scotland in 1567. He ruled England as James I and was the first monarch of the Stuart dynasty. He was descended from Margaret Tudor, King Henry VII’s daughter, through his father, Lord Darnley and also through his mother. Raised by foster parents, the Earl and Countess of Marom in Stirli…

James Leander Cathcart

(886 words)

Author(s): Larson, Ian
Giacomo Leandro Cathcart Date of Birth: 1 June 1767 Place of Birth: Mount Murragh, Westmeath, Ireland Date of Death: 6 October 1843 Place of Death: Washington DC Biography Born to a Scots family in Ireland, James Leander Cathcart emigrated to colonial Philadelphia under the care of an uncle. When he was 12 years old, Cathcart joined the American revolt against the British as a midshipman aboard the frigate  Confederacy, which led to his capture by the British and his detention on the prison hulks at New York. Cathcart escaped in 1782 and returned to sea. Three y…

James Riley

(859 words)

Author(s): Larson, Ian
Date of Birth: 27 October 1777 Place of Birth: Middletown, Connecticut Date of Death: 13 March 1840 Place of Death: At sea, en route to St Thomas Biography James Riley was born into a poor Connecticut farming family during the American Revolution. He went to sea when he was 15 and sailed throughout the Americas until war broke out between Britain and the United States in 1812. Failing to secure a naval command, Riley organised a militia and undertook odd jobs until the British wartime shipping embargo ended. In 1815, he sailed from Hartford as master of the brig  Commerce. The vessel ran agro…

 Jāmiʿ-i ʿAbbāsī bi lughat-i Gurjī

(510 words)

Author(s): Maeda, Hirotake
Jamiabasi k‘art‘ulad‘Jāmiʿ-i ʿAbbāsī in the Georgian language’ Pʻarsadan Gorgijaniże Date: 1666-91 Original Language: Georgian Description Jāmiʿ-i ʿAbbāsī bi lughat-i Gurjī is a translation from Persian into Georgian of Shaykh Bahāʾ al-Dīn al-ʿAmilī’s  Jāmiʿ-i ʿAbbāsī.  There are two known manuscripts, in Tbilisi and St Petersburg. The former covers 140 folios (280 pages). P’arsadan Gorgijaniże made this translation during his six-year exile in Shushtar, in south-west Iran, in 1666-71. The introduction contains such statement…

Jan Amos Komenský

(952 words)

Author(s): Machálek, Vít
Jan Amos Komenský; Johann Amos Comenius Date of Birth: 28 March 1592 Place of Birth: Nivnice, Moravia (present-day Czech Republic) Date of Death: 15 November 1670 Place of Death: Amsterdam Biography Jan Amos Komenský was born in 1592 in the village of Nivnice (or possibly in the town of Uherský Brod) in Moravia. After studies in Herborn and Heidelberg, he was ordained into the ministry of the Moravian Brethren in 1616 and served in the Moravian towns of Přerov and Fulnek until 1621. The violent re-Catholicisation of the Czech…

Jan Hasištejnský z Lobkovic

(493 words)

Author(s): Nicholson, Chris
Biography Jan Hasištejnský z Lobkovic was born in 1450. He came from a noble family with estates located around the town of Kadaň in north-western Bohemia. The Lobkovic family had been given Hasištejn castle by King Wenceslas IV in 1418 as a reward for services provided by Mikuláš (I) Chudý z Lobkovic. Jan was one of four sons, and his brother Bohuslav ‘was one of the leading lights of Czech Humanism, wrote both philosophical and literary works, and amassed an impressive library at Hasištejn castle’ (Lisy-Wagner, Islam, p. 25). Jan was a staunch Catholic, a confessional position tha…

Jan Huygen van Linschoten

(797 words)

Author(s): van Liere, Lucien
BiographyIn 1563, at a time when Portuguese hegemony over the waters of the East Indies was evident and the northern part of the Habsburg Netherlands was on the brink of a fierce revolt against the Spanish crown (1568-1648), Jan Huygen van Linschoten was born in Haarlem as Jan Huygen. As a child, he had a talent for foreign languages and a strong desire to travel. In about 1579, at the age of 16, he travelled first to Seville and later, in 1580, after Philip II conquered Portugal, he continued his journey to the west in the wake of the Spanish army.  In Portugal, he survived the plague and star…

János Baranyai Decsi

(567 words)

Author(s): Vajner, Balázs
Joannes Barovius Decius Date of Birth: About 1560 Place of Birth: Decs, Ottoman Hungary Date of Death: 15 May 1601 Place of Death: Székelyvásárhely (present-day Târgu Mureș/Marosvásárhely, Romania) Biography János Baranyai Decsi was born as Csimor (Czimor) János in Decs, in Ottoman-occupied Hungary. His home town, although located in Tolna county, belonged to the Protestant superintendenture of the neighbouring Baranya county – hence his byname ‘Baranyai Decsi’, meaning ‘from Decs, Baranya [county]’ (Kulcsár,  Baranyai Decsi Csimor J ános, históriája (1592-1598), Budapest…

János Zermegh

(623 words)

Author(s): Nagy, Gábor
Johannes Zermegh Date of Birth: Unknown Place of Birth: Unknown Date of Death: Probably 6 September 1584 Place of Death: Unknown Biography We know little about the life of János Zermegh. Although we know the names of his parents and brothers, we have no certain date or place for his birth. At the beginning of the first edition of his only surviving work there is a short biography, but it lacks details. (In the 18th century it was claimed that the author of this biography might be Miklós Isthvánffi, the historiographer, but this can only be regarded as speculation.) …
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