Christian-Muslim Relations 1500 - 1900

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Christian-Muslim Relations, a Bibliographical History Online is a general history of relations between the two faiths as this is represented in works written by Christians and Muslims about the other and against the other. It covers all parts of the world in the period 1500-1914. Christian-Muslim Relations, a Bibliographical History Online comprises thousands of comprehensive entries on individual works and their authors, together with introductory essays to the periods and areas covered, making it the fullest available source in this field.


 Observations curieuses

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Author(s): Carnoy-Torabi, Dominique
‘Curious observations’ Gilles Fermanel Date: 1668 Original Language: French Description One of the four travellers, or possibly someone else, at least a well-informed person, seems to have decided to follow on from the success of Stochove’s earlier  Voyage du Levant, first published in Brussels in 1643, which went through several editions. This person added a ‘cultural’ veneer, and in particular added more than 400 pages about Islam. The main text of the resultant work is 834 pages long, preceded by a copy of the passport provided by…

 Observations on the religion, law, government, and manners, of the Turks

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Author(s): van den Boogert, Maurits
- James Porter Date: 1768 Original Language: English DescriptionJames Porter’s Observations on the religion, law, government, and manners, of the Turks was published as two volumes in one, with a total of 206 printed pages without an index. The first volume consists of nine chapters, the second of five. The religion of Islam is explicitly addressed in ch. 2 (‘Of the Mohammedan religion – and the pilgrimage to Mecca’); ch. 3 (‘Of sects among the Mohammedans’); and ch. 5 (‘Of the Koran’). While these earlier chapters…

 Obsidio Szigetiana

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Author(s): Förköli, Gábor
Szigeti veszedelem‘The fall of Sziget’ Nikola Zrinski. Zrini. Serini Date: Between 1645 and 1648 Original Language: Hungarian Description Obsidio Szigetiana (commonly referred to as  Szigeti veszedelem in Hungarian) was published in 1651 in the author’s book of poetry, Adriai tengernek Syreneia Groff Zrini Miklos (‘The siren of the Adriatic Sea, Count Miklós Zrínyi’). Inserted among some love poems, the epic was written, according to the lyrical fiction about the volume, in order to temper the author’s amorous passion with a martial su…

 Obsidio Zigethiensis

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Author(s): Bradács, Gábor
‘The siege of Szigetvár’ János Zsámboki, Sámboki; Johannes Sambucus Date: 1558 Original Language: Latin Description In this short work Zsámboky briefly describes the first siege of Szigetvár in 1556, when the Ottomans attempted to seize this important stronghold of the southern trans-Danube region but were successfully resisted by the garrison there. Zsámboky’s text is based on the Hungarian poem Historia obsidionis Insulae Antemi...rytmos per Hungaricos by the Protestant preacher Ferenc Tőke, and on the personal account of the Croatian-Hungarian captain of …

 Oda Eia Imperatorskomu Velichestvu Gosudaryne Ekaterine Alekseevne Imperatritse i Samoderzhitse Vserossiiskoi na vziatie Khotina i na pokorenie Moldavii

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Author(s): Ewington, Amanda
‘Ode to her imperial Majesty and Sovereign the Empress Catherine Alekseevna, Empress and Autocrat of all Russia, on the taking of Khotin and on the conquest of Moldavia’ Aleksandr Petrovich Sumarokov (Alexander Sumarokov) Date: 1769 Original Language: Russian Description Sumarokov composed his Oda na vziatie Khotina i pokorenie Moldavii in Moscow in late October 1769 to commemorate the Russian victory over the Ottomans at the fort of Khotin. He published it shortly afterwards in St Petersburg. Sumarokov’s odes were probably presented directly…

 Odolenie na Turskoe tsarstvo

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Author(s): Ovidiu Olar, Wolfram von Scheliha and
Slovo na derznovstvitel’noe'The overcoming of the Turkish Empire' Gerasimos Blachos, Gerasim(os) Vlakh(os), Gerasimo Blaco, Girassimo Vlacho, Gerasimus Vlachus Date: 12 February 1657 (1656) Original Language: Church Slavonic, Serbo-Croatian, Russian, Polish and other Slavic languages, in Latin script Description Odolenie na  Turskoe tsarstvo is conceived in the style of a letter addressed to the Tsar of Muscovy, Aleksei Mikhailovich (r. 1645-76), and dated 12 February 1656. Gerasimos wrote it after his arrival in Venice and his appoint…

 Of the invasion and defeat of the Turks, in the year 1683

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Author(s): Sisneros, Katie
- Edmund Waller Date: After December 1683 Original Language: English Description In most print editions, including the first 1690 edition, Of the invasion and defeat of the Turks, in the year 1683 is 76 lines long, making 14 stanzas of varying lengths. It was probably written between December 1683 and February 1685, as it references the execution on 25 December 1683 of Kara Mustafa Pasha, Grand Vizier to Mehmed IV and Commander-in-Chief of the Ottoman forces that marched against Vienna in September 1683, as well as King Charles II, who died on 6 February 1685. Waller’s focus is on the fai…