Christian-Muslim Relations 1500 - 1900

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Christian-Muslim Relations, a Bibliographical History Online is a general history of relations between the two faiths as this is represented in works written by Christians and Muslims about the other and against the other. It covers all parts of the world in the period 1500-1914. Christian-Muslim Relations, a Bibliographical History Online comprises thousands of comprehensive entries on individual works and their authors, together with introductory essays to the periods and areas covered, making it the fullest available source in this field.


 Biblia Americana

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Author(s): Harwood, Sara
- Cotton Mather Date: 1693-1728 Original Language: English DescriptionIn  Biblia Americana, Mather presents two major approaches to Islam: eschatological, in his glosses on Revelation, and cultural, in his contextualisation of forms of historical behaviour.  Biblia Americana is a Bible commentary consisting of six folio volumes totalling over 5,100 manuscript pages. Owing to its length, it was never published in full, although Mather used sections of it in his other published works. A project is underway to publish the entire commentary in a scholarly edition of ten volumes. Th…

 Bibliorum Turcicorum dedicatio (ad ipsum Turcarum imperatorem lingua Turcica)

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Author(s): Machálek, Vít
Dedicatoria Bibliorum Turcorum, ad ipsum Turcarum imperatorem, sua lingua praefigenda‘Dedication to the Turkish Bible (to the Turkish emperor himself in the Turkish language)’‘Dedication to be prefixed to the Turkish Bible, addressed to the emperor of the Turks, in his language’ Jan Amos Komenský; Johann Amos Comenius Date: 1666 Original Language: Latin Description Komenskýʼs letter to the sultan,  Bibliorum Turcicorum dedicatio, is his only known work that focuses exclusively on the theme of Christian-Muslim relations. Its date of origin is open to dis…

 Bibliothecæ Mediceæ Laurentianæ et Palatinæ codicum MMS Orientalium catalogus

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Author(s): D'Ottone Rambach, Arianna
‘Catalogue of the codices of Oriental manuscripts of the Bibliotheca Medicaea Laurentiana and Palatina’ Isṭifān ‘Awwād al-Sim‘ānī Date: 1742 Original Language: Latin DescriptionAssemani’s catalogue starts with descriptions of the 47 manuscripts in the Laurentian Library. Following this are descriptions of the 537 Oriental manuscripts in Syriac, Hebrew, Arabic, Persian and Turkish (pp. 49-486) in the Medici Palatine Library. The catalogue is thematically divided, and includes 34 MSS on Islamic Law (nos CXL-CLXXIV, pp.…

 Bibliotheca Orientalis

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Author(s): Loop, Jan
‘Oriental library’ Johann Heinrich Hottinger Date: 1658 Original Language: Latin Description The Bibliotheca Orientalis (in full  Promtuarium; sive, Bibliotheca Orientalis exhibens catalogum, sive, centurias aliquot, tam authorum, quam librorum Hebraicorum, Syriacorum, Arabicorum, Aegyptiacorum, Aethiopicorum, ‘Repository, or Oriental library, exhibiting a catalogue, or some hundreds of Hebrew, Syriac, Arabic, Egyptian, Ethiopian etc. authors as well as books’) is a general bibliography of oriental books in six chapters, cover…

 Bibliotheca selecta, qua agitur de ratione studiorum in historia, in disciplinis, in salute omnium procuranda

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Author(s): Smołucha, Janusz
‘A library of selected works concerning the rules of studying history [and other] subjects in order to secure the salvation of all’ Antonio Possevino Date: 1593 Original Language: Latin Description In Bibliotheca selecta, Possevino aims to bring together in one work all available encyclopaedic knowledge about the contemporary world, enriched by his personal experiences gleaned from diplomatic trips, and information from Jesuits working in geographically remote missions. The information contained in the work stands in clear opp…

 Bibliothèque orientale

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Author(s): Haddad, Jonathan
Contributions to the Bibliothèque orientale Barthélemy d’Herbelot de Molainville Date: 1697 Original Language: French Description The  Bibliothèque orientale ou dictionnaire universel contenant généralement tout ce qui regarde la connoissance des Peuples de l’Orient draws largely upon  Kashf  al-ẓunūn, the bibliography of Arabic, Persian and Ottoman erudition written by Ottoman historian and savant Kâtip Çelebi (1609-57), though Henry Laurens counts 30 other frequently occurring sources, many of which would have been found in the l…

Birgivî Mehmed Efendi

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Author(s): Allen, Jonathan
Biography Few individuals in the history of Ottoman Islam would become as well-known and influential as Birgivî Mehmed ibn Pîr Ali Efendi. The son of a Sufi master in the town of Balıkesir, Birgivî studied in Istanbul medreses, then served for a short time as a judge in Edirne, which was followed by a brief career as a Sufi mürid. Supposedly on the advice of his shaykh, and with the patronage of the personal tutor of Selim II, Birgivî took up the post of a medrese teacher in the Anatolian town of Birgi. His death in 1573 from the plague cut short a productive career as an author…

 Bir râhib ile bir pîr-i Müslim arasında İsa (a.s.) hakkında mükâleme

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Author(s): Kahveci, Mehmet
Bir râhib ile bir pîr-i Müslim arasında İsa (a.s.) hakkında mükâleme‘A Dialogue between a monk and a Muslim elder about Jesus (peace be upon him)’ A Dialogue between a monk and a Muslim elder about Jesus (peace be upon him) Date: Unknown; presumably 16th century Original Language: Ottoman Turkish Description The work narrates a theological conversation between a former monk who had converted to Islam, and a Muslim scholar, most probably a Sufi shaykh. In the single extant manuscript, the opening is missing. The surviving 11 folios begin with a …

Blaise Pascal

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Author(s): Parish, Richard
Date of Birth: 19 June 1623 Place of Birth: Clermont-Ferrand, France Date of Death: 19 August 1662 Place of Death: Paris Biography Blaise Pascal was a polymath, recognised both in his lifetime and by posterity as a scientist, man of the world, polemicist and Christian apologist. His work on the vacuum in particular was contrastively related to his other domains of activity, stressing as it did the value of experiment in the natural sciences, and opposing it to the primacy of authority in matters of Christian theology…

 Blessed openings of a day of good things to the Turks

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Author(s): Meggitt, Justin
- John Perrot Date: 1661 Original Language: English Description Blessed openings (in full,  Blessed openings of a day of good things to the Turks written to the heads, rulers, ancients, and elders of their land, and whomsoever else it may concern), an eight-page tract, was first published in 1661 by Thomas Simmons of London, who published Quaker texts between 1656 and 1662. It was almost certainly written during Perrot’s imprisonment in Rome, which lasted from June 1658 to June 1661. Unlike  A visitation of love, Perrot’s other work addressed to a Muslim audience,  Blessed openings was …