Christian-Muslim Relations 1500 - 1900

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General Editors: David Thomas and John Chesworth
Associate Editors: John Azumah, Clinton Bennett, Lejla Demiri, Martha Frederiks, Stanisław Grodź, Andrew Newman, Douglas Pratt

Christian-Muslim Relations, a Bibliographical History Online is a general history of relations between the two faiths as this is represented in works written by Christians and Muslims about the other and against the other. It covers all parts of the world in the period 1500-1914. Christian-Muslim Relations, a Bibliographical History Online comprises thousands of comprehensive entries on individual works and their authors, together with introductory essays to the periods and areas covered, making it the fullest available source in this field.


 Epistle dedicatory

(3,981 words)

Author(s): Meggitt, Justin
- Nöel Aubert de Versé Date: 1682 Original Language: English DescriptionThe Epistle dedicatory (in full,  An epistle dedicatory to his illustrious Excellency Ameth Ben Ameth Embassador of ye mighty emperor of Fez and Morocco to Charles the 2nd, King of Great Brittain) is a manuscript letter in English. It forms the preface to a collection of three Latin papers that Nöel Aubert de Versé attempted to deliver on behalf of Unitarians in England to the Moroccan ambassador, Mohammed ben Haddu, as he was about to leave London sometime in Aug…

 [Epistola] De perditione regni Hungarorum

(2,754 words)

Author(s): Szebelédi, Zsolt
Epistola'Letter on the downfall of Hungary', 'Letter' György Szerémi Date: Between 1546 and 1547 Original Language: Latin Description This account of the history of Hungary between 1456 and 1543 survives in a single manuscript in the National Széchényi Library, Budapest. It is described as an autograph in the library catalogue, though there is no agreement about this; the manuscript may have been copied shortly after the composition of the Epistola. The manuscript contains 134 folios, and the edition by Gusztáv Wenzel comes to 401 pages (with many errors). A crit…

 Epistola domini Marci Maruli Spalatensis ad Adrianum VI. Pont. Max.

(1,849 words)

Author(s): Posset (with the assistance of Branko Jozić and Bratislav Lučin), Franz
Epistola domini Marci Maruli Spalatensis‘The epistle of master Marko Marulić of Split to Pope Hadrian VI’ Marko Marulić, Marko Pecinić Date: 3 April 1522 Original Language: Latin Description The Open letter (its title in full is Epistola domini Marci Maruli Spalatensis ad Adrianum VI. Pont. Max. de calamitatibus occurrentibus et exhortatio ad communem omnium Christianorum unionem et pacem, ‘The epistle of master Marko Marulić of Split to Pope Hadrian VI about present misfortunes and a call to union and peace of all Christians’) comprises nine pages in Opera omnia, plus a few lines …

 Epistolae familiares N. Olahi ad amicos

(703 words)

Author(s): Szilágyi , Emoke Rita
Epistolae familiares N. Olahi ad amicosCodex epistolaris‘Private letters of Nicolaus Olahus to his friends’ Oláh Miklós, Nicolae Valahul, Mikuláš Oláh Date: After 22 August 1538 Original Language: Latin Description This volume, also known as  Codex epistolaris, which was compiled by Olahus himself, contains a selection of 611 letters written by and to him between 1527 and 1538, together with poems in commemoration of the death of Erasmus (Ipolyi, pp. 581-95). It comes to 582 folios in the manuscript, and 622 pages in the edition by Ipolyi. Political topics frequently occur: almo…

 Epistola ex Turcia

(842 words)

Author(s): Bollbuck, Harald
Epistola ex TurciaEin schrifft eines fromen Predigers aus der Türckey'Letter from the Turkish Empire' Imre Eszéki Szigeti Date: 3 August 1549 Original Language: Latin Description On 3 August 1549, Emericus Zigerius, Lutheran preacher of Tolna in the sanjak of Pecs-Mohács in Ottoman Lower Hungary, wrote a letter to his former teacher, Matthias Flacius Illyricus, in Wittenberg, who published it in 1550 in both in Latin and German (its full title is Epistola cvivsdam pii concionatoris, ex Turcia, ad M. Illy. missa, qualis nam status Euangelij, & Ecclesiarum sub Turco…

 Epistola S. Francisci Xavier sociis Romae degentibus, Goa 20 Septembris 1542

(1,158 words)

Author(s): Mkenda, Festo
'Letter of S. Francis Xavier, to his companions living in Rome, Goa 20 September, 1542' Francis Xavier Date: 1542 Original Language: Spanish Description This is a small part of a much longer letter that Francis wrote from Goa to his companions in Rome, dated 20 September 1542. It tells of an encounter that took place between Francis and some Muslims in the town of Malindi in East Africa, where he had stopped off on his journey east. The Spanish original occupies ten pages in the Monumenta historica Societatis Jesu. Monumenta Xavieriana (vol. 2, pp. 250-60). Francis describes Malindi as ‘a…

 Epitome fidei et religiones Turcicæ

(1,372 words)

Author(s): Bennett, Clinton
‘Summary of the Turkish faith and religion’ Isaac Barrow Date: 1657 Original Language: Latin Description The Latin treatise,  Epitome fidei et religiones Turcicæ, a Muhameto Kureischita Arabum propheta, prius in Arabia Deserta, postea a successoribus per totum penè Orientem diffusae, was written during 1657, when Barrow was at the British Embassy in Constantinople. He wrote it for Trinity College after receiving a reprimand for his failure to write while on travel leave, ‘to appease his colleagues’ and ‘make up for his long silence’ (Feingold, Before Newton, p. 52). In  Opuscula, it…

 Epitomē tēs hierokosmikēs historias, eis pente meristheisa tmēmata

(2,937 words)

Author(s): Sarris, Kostas
Chronikos chronographos‘Compendium of sacred-secular history, divided into five parts’ Nektarios, Patriarchēs Hierousalēm, Nektarios Hierosolymōn, Nectarius, Patriarcha Hierosolymitanus, Nectarius Hierosolymitanus, Nektarios Sinaitēs, Pelopidēs, Nektarios, Polypodēs, Nektarios Date: 1659-60 Original Language: Greek (vernacular) Description Nektarios wrote Epitomē tēs hierokosmikēs historias in 1659-60, while still a monk at St Catherine’s Monastery. It seems that he had sent the book to Venice to be published even before he was ele…


(835 words)

Author(s): Steenbrink, Karel
Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus Date of Birth: 27 October 1467 Place of Birth: Rotterdam Date of Death: 12 July 1536 Place of Death: Basel Biography Erasmus’s father, Gerard, was a priest in Gouda, now in the Netherlands, then part of the territory of the Count of Holland, one of the petty semi-independent states within the German Empire. His mother, Margaret, was the daughter of a physician in Zevenbergen. This situation did not allow that their second child should be born in their house, so the mother moved for some t…

Erazm Otwinowski

(875 words)

Author(s): Grodź, Stanisław
Erazm Otwinowski, Otfinowski, Otvinovius Date of Birth: Between 1524 and 1529 Place of Birth: Liśnik (formerly Leśnik), near Urzędów Date of Death: June 1614 Place of Death: Raków Biography According to H. Barcyz, Erazm Otwinowski was born in 1528 into an impoverished noble family. Their material status and the fact that he was one of 12 children (six brothers and five sisters) were perhaps the reasons for his lack of a good formal education. After spending some time at the courts of influential aristocrats, he entered the …

Eremia Č‘ēlēpi K‘ēōmiwrčean

(888 words)

Author(s): Cowe, Peter
Date of Birth: 1637 Place of Birth: Constantinople Date of Death: 1695 Place of Death: Constantinople Biography Eremia Č‘ēlēpi K‘ēōmiwrčean was born on 13 May 1637 into a priestly family in Constantinople. He was the oldest of four siblings and his brothers Gēorg and Komitas followed their father into the priesthood. He also received an ecclesiastical education, beginning at the age of nine under the tutorship of one of his mother’s relatives, and then studying with the learned churchmen Ełiazar Ayntapc‘i and Ma…

Erland Dryselius

(297 words)

Author(s): Kármán, Gábor
Erlandus Brodderi Dryselius Date of Birth: 1641 Place of Birth: Ljungby, Sweden Date of Death: 24 April 1708 Place of Death: Jönköping, Sweden BiographyIn spite of coming from a peasant family, the young Erland Dryselius showed enough talent to receive stipends that enabled him to visit foreign universities in Rostock, Wittenberg and then Jena. Following further studies in Uppsala, he managed to return to Wittenberg for three years, where he also defended his dissertation in 1673. He was ordained as a Lutheran ministe…

 Esmeraldo de situ orbis

(1,688 words)

Author(s): Newitt, Malyn
Esmeraldo de situ orbis- Duarte Pacheco Pereira Date: Written between 1505 and 1508; not published until 1892 Original Language: Portuguese Description Duarte Pacheco Pereira wrote his  Esmeraldo in situ orbis between 1505 and 1508. The work consists of a Prologue and four Books ( livros), each comprising chapters which deal primarily with geographical and navigational information. However, there are also references to historical events, especially the Portuguese capture of Moroccan sea ports, and to trade relations. The book contains a …

 Esperanças de Portugal, Quinto Império do mundo

(362 words)

Author(s): Ribeiro, Eneida
‘Hopes for Portugal, the Fifth Empire of the world’ Antônio Vieira Date: 1656 Original Language: Portuguese DescriptionThe letter Esperanças de Portugal, Quinto Império do mundo. Primeira e segunda vida del-Rei D. João o quarto escritas por Gonçaleanes Bandarra was written while Vieira was travelling up the Amazon to join his fellow Jesuit André Fernandes (1607-60). He wrote it after he learnt about the death of King João IV in 1656, in order to offer a message of encouragement to the king’s widow. It expresses an eschatological ho…

 Essay on the revelations of St John; Works of Josephus; The tryall of William Whiston

(32 words)

Author(s): & Contributor, Aa
- Three Anglican Unitarians: Stephen Nye, William Whiston and Samuel Clarke Date: - Original Language: Add Language Description- Significance- Publications Studies KeywordsAa & Contributor

 Estat de la Perse en 1660

(606 words)

Author(s): Thomson, Ann
‘The state of Persia in 1660’ Raphaël du Mans, Jacques Dutertre Date: 1660 Original Language: French Description The Paris manuscript BNF – Fr. 5632 of  Estat de la Perse en 1660 is probably a fair copy by the author, which entered the library of Jean-Baptiste Colbert, Louis XIV’s minister, in 1682-3. It is composed of 90 folios and is not divided into chapters or sections. A first edition was published by Charles Schefer in 1890, followed in 1995 by Francis Richard’s critical edition, which is used here. After a brief geographical description, the work provides an account of th…

Esteban de Arteaga y Lopez

(789 words)

Author(s): Bellino, Francesca
Stefano Arteaga Date of Birth: 26 December 1747 Place of Birth: Moraleja de Coca (Segovia) or Madrid Date of Death: 30 September 1799 Place of Death: Paris BiographyStefano Arteaga (born Esteban de Arteaga y López) was one of the most illustrious of the Spanish Jesuits. He emigrated to Italy, where he wrote the most complete history of opera to appear in the 18th century, and was known as a student of Metastasio, Alfieri and Cesarotti. Arteaga was born in 1747, either in Moraleja de Coca (near Segovia) or in Madrid, where he studied grammar and rhetoric. In 1763, he en…

 État des royaumes de Barbarie, Tripoly, Tunis et Alger

(1,654 words)

Author(s): Falaky, Fayçal
‘The state of the Kingdoms of Barbary, Tripoli, Tunis and Algiers’ Philémon de La Motte Vauclin Date: 1703 Original Language: French DescriptionThe first edition of the  État des royaumes de Barbarie appeared anonymously in 1703, and most biographers of the period attributed it incorrectly to the Mathurin Father and editor Jean-Baptiste de La Faye. Addressed to the superior general of the Order of the Most Holy Trinity, the four letters that make up the  État were in fact written by Philémon de La Motte, who had been sent on a mission to redeem Christian slaves in th…

 Ethiópia Menor e descripçao géografica da Província da Serra Leoa

(1,094 words)

Author(s): Frederiks, Martha
‘Ethiopia Minor and a geographical account of the Province of Sierra Leone’ Emmanuel Avuares Date: Around 1615 Original Language: Portuguese Description Ethiópia Menor e descripçao géografica da Província da Serra Leoa is a work of about 90,000 words, divided into two parts. Part I gives a description of ‘the province and kingdom of the Jalofo heathen and other peoples of the coast northwest of Sierra Leone’, while Part II, which is longer, focusses on the ‘province of Sierra Leone’.According to his ‘Prologue to the reader’, Álvares supplemented his personal observations…

 Etiópia Oriental e vária história de cousas notáveis do Oriente

(1,879 words)

Author(s): Lobato, Manuel
‘Eastern Ethiopia, and various history of remarkable things of the East’ João dos Santos Date: 1609 Original Language: Portuguese Description João dos Santos'  Etiópia Oriental e vária história de cousas notaveis do Oriente is made up of two parts: Etiópia Oriental, in five books and 101 chapters, and  Vária história, in four books and 83 chapters. Though there are some internal links between the two parts, in the form of some autobiographical notes and themes relating to the East African coast and included in the administration of the Portuguese Estado da Índia, each part has its o…
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