Christian-Muslim Relations 1500 - 1900

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Christian-Muslim Relations, a Bibliographical History Online is a general history of relations between the two faiths as this is represented in works written by Christians and Muslims about the other and against the other. It covers all parts of the world in the period 1500-1914. Christian-Muslim Relations, a Bibliographical History Online comprises thousands of comprehensive entries on individual works and their authors, together with introductory essays to the periods and areas covered, making it the fullest available source in this field.


 Zheng guo ti cheng gao

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Author(s): Morris, James Harry
‘A call to rectify the country’‘A plea to rectify the country’ Yang Kuang-hsien, Yangquangsenius Date: 1660 Original Language: Chinese DescriptionIn this work, Yang directly attacks Jesuit astronomers by arguing that the acceptance of Western calendrical models and Christianity places power in the hands of the Europeans, thereby weakening Qing dynasty rule. The text was presented to the Ministry of Rites as a plea against Christianity and Christian involvement in Chinese astronomy, and was published the year follo…

 Zheng jiao zhen quan

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Author(s): Ho, Wai Yip
‘The real commentary on the true teaching’‘The true explanation of the orthodox teaching’ Wang Daiyu Date: 1642 Original Language: Chinese DescriptionWang’s  Zheng jiao zhen quan is divided into two volumes, each with 20 chapters. It covers 120 pages in the 1921 edition, of which two pages (pp. 26-7) address the topic of Christian-Muslim relations. In Book 1, in a chapter entitled ‘Changing the real’ ( i-chen), Wang explicates Islam in relation to other religious traditions. He criticises Daoism and Buddhism for failing to distinguish between the Real One ( chen-i), the divine esse…

 Zhitīe i zhiznʹ i pověstʹ vʺkratsě blagochestivago i prěvisokago i prisnopominaemago i khrabago i prěvisokago tsara Stěfana

(1,761 words)

Author(s): Petrovszky, Konrad
Žitije cara Uroša‘The life, deeds and brief history of the pious, illustrious, eternally remembered and brave Car Stefan’, ‘Life of Car Uroš’ Pajsej; Pajsije Janjevac; Patriarch Paisius I of Peć Date: 1641 Original Language: Church Slavonic (Serbian redaction) Description The full title of this work is Zhitīe i zhiznʹ i pověstʹ vʺkratsě blagochestivago i prěvisokago i prisnopominaemago i khrabago i prěvisokago tsara Stěfana i syna ego Urosha mladago tsara i ō zhitīi i ō skonchani ego i kako i koeiu sʺmrʹtiiu, prěide sego světa suetnago i ko…

 Zhitiie i Khozhdeniie v Ierusalim i Iegipet kazantsa Vasiliia Iakovlevicha Gagary

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Author(s): and Liudmila Sukina, Galina Yermolenko
Khozhdeniie-‘Life and journey of Vasilii Gagara to Jerusalem and Egypt’- Vasily Yakovlev ‘Gagara’ Date: Аfter 1637 Original Language: Old Russian Description Selections from Gagara’s Khozhdeniie first appeared in print in A.N. Murav'ev’s Puteshestvie ko sviatym mestam v 1830 g., published in St Petersburg in 1848. Then in 1849, Ivan Sakharov published it in vol. 2 of his collection, Skazaniia russkogo naroda, based on two manuscript variants ( spiski), one of which is no longer extant. A third printed edition, ‘Ierusalimskoie khozhdeniie’, edited by a certain I…

 Zhu jiao yao zhi

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Author(s): Morris, James Harry
Shengjiao yaozhi‘The fundamentals of Christianity’‘A summary of Christianity’; , ‘Essential meaning of Christianity’ Lodovico Buglio, Li Leisi, Louis Buglio Date: 1668 Original Language: Chinese DescriptionIn 1668, Buglio followed up  Bu de yi bian and  Tian zhu jiao yuan you with Zhu jiao yao zhi (also known as  Shengjiao yaozhi). The text consists of 28 folios in a single binding. The first folio is an introduction, including the name of the author and the text’s censors (Gabriel de Magalhaes and Ferdinand Verbiest), the second consists o…

 Ziegenbalg and Muslims in Tamil India

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Author(s): Jeyaraj, Daniel
Lutheran-Muslim dialogue in Tranquebar, South India Bartholomew Ziegenbalg Date: Early 18th century Original Language: German DescriptionZiegenbalg’s perceptions and portrayals of Islam are concentrated in the first two volumes of the nine-volume work known as the  Halle reports, which began with an initial letter from missionaries in India and continued with subsequent instalments. Each volume is divided into 12 such continuations. All references given here to Ziegenbalg’s dialogues with Muslims are to vol. 1 or vol. 2, along wit…

Ziyāda ibn Yaḥyā l-Naṣb al-Rāsī l-Muhtadī

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Author(s): Haredy, Mohsen
Date of Birth: Unknown Place of Birth: Syria Date of Death: Unknown Place of Death: Cairo, Egypt Biography Ziyāda ibn Yaḥyā l-Naṣb al-Rāsī l-Muhtadī (the convert), is known by two  nisbas, ‘al-Naṣb’ (referring to the city of Naṣībīn in Syria) and al-Rāsī (city of Rās al-ʿAyn in Syria). One of the manuscripts of his work  Al-baḥth al-ṣarīḥ gives his name as Ziyāda ibn Yaḥyā l-Shatl al-Rāsī. In  Īḍāḥ al-maknūn, al-Baghdādī gives his name as Ziyādatullāh al-Muhtadī. Little is known about the details of his life, and there is controversy among historians about the century…