Encyclopaedia of Islam, First Edition (1913-1936)

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Edited by: M. Th.Houtsma, T.W.Arnold, R.Basset and R.Hartmann
The Encyclopaedia of Islam First Edition Online (EI1) was originally published in print between 1913 and 1936. The demand for an encyclopaedic work on Islam was created by the increasing (colonial) interest in Muslims and Islamic cultures during the nineteenth century. The scope of the  Encyclopedia of Islam First Edition Online is philology, history, theology and law until early 20th century. Such famous scholars as Houtsma, Wensinck, Gibb, Snouck Hurgronje, and Lévi-Provençal were involved in this scholarly endeavor. The Encyclopedia of Islam First Edition Online offers access to 9,000 articles.

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Ewliyā Čelebī

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Author(s): Mordtmann, J. H.
, or as he repeatedly calls himself, Ewliyā Meḥemmed b. Derwīs̲h̲, the “globe-trotter” Seiyāḥ-i ʿĀlem) was born in Constantinople in 1020 (1611-1612) and died soon after 1090 (1679); in the course of forty years he made a series of long journeys within the Turkish empire and took part in the campaigns against Crete, Hungary, Austria etc. under Ibrāhīm and Meḥemmed IV and published his observations and experiences in war and peace under the title Taʾrīk̲h̲i Seiyāḥ, the ‘Traveller’s Chronicle’ (Vienna Mss., Flügel, N°. 1281; the Stambul printed edition has Siyāḥat-nāme), an elaborate …


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Author(s): Mordtmann, J. H.
, the descendants of Ewrenos (, in ʿĀs̲h̲iḳpas̲h̲azāde and Nes̲h̲ri ’ΑβρανέζηΣ in Dukas, ΒρανέζηΣ in Manuel Palaeol., Chron. breve and Chron. Epir., ΒρενέζηΣ in Chalkokondyles and Phrantzes, Avranes in Barletius) form with the Mihalog̲h̲lu, Malkod̲j̲og̲h̲lu and the sons of Tūrāk̲h̲ān the four ancient families of the Ottoman nobility. (Ramberti, Cose de Turchi, Bl. 133r f., ed. 1543; cf. Leuncl., Pand., c. 27). Tradition mentions G̲h̲āzī Ewrenosbeg among the begs of the Karasiog̲h̲lu who on the dispossession of this dynasty by Sulṭān Ork̲h̲ān in 735 a. h. entered the service of S…


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[See ḥizḳīl.]


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The name given to those Bābī’s [q. v. i. 548 et seq.] who followed Mīrzā Yaḥyā, called Ṣubḥ-i Ezel [q. v.], after the death of the Bāb.