Encyclopaedia of Islam, Second Edition, Glossary and Index of Terms

Get access Subject: Middle East and Islamic Studies
Edited by: P.J. Bearman, Th. Bianquis, C.E. Bosworth, E. van Donzel and W.P. Heinrichs
Assisted by C. Ott, under the patronage of the International Union of Acadamies

Glossary and Index of Terms treats the technical terms in Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Urdu and other languages or dialects of the Islamic world. As an index, it is of immeasurable importance, in particular for the many terms which are not given an entry but are discussed in the course of an article; and as glossary it is an invaluable source of information for both non-specialist, who is given an insight into the varied and rich vocabulary of Islam, and the specialist, who may discover surprising new contexts in which a term is used.

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bad̲h̲r al-kattān

(11 words)

bad̲h̲r al-kattān (A) : in botany, linseed. Simsim


(98 words)

badīʿ (A) : innovator, creator, thus, one of the attributes of God. Bādg̲h̲īs or Bād̲h̲g̲h̲īs; Ibāḥatiya In literatu…

bād-i hawā

(61 words)

bād-i hawā (T), or ṭayyārāt : lit. wind of the air; a general term in Ottoman fiscal usage for irregular…


(32 words)

bādiya (A) : in the Umayyad period, a residence in the countryside, an estate in the environs of a s…


(21 words)

bədʿiyya (B) : in North Africa, a sleeveless vest for men; in Morocco, a sleeveless Kh̲afṭān for women. Libās


(132 words)

bād̲j̲ (A, < P bāz̲h̲) : a fiscal technical term among the Turks, ~ was applied to various forms of tax …


(31 words)

bad̲j̲rā : the common Indian river-boat, a sort of barge without a keel, propelled by poles or by oa…


(61 words)

badr Ḳamar badra (A) : the skin of a lamb or goat capacious enough to conta…


(16 words)

badw (A) : pastoral nomads of Arabian blood, speech and culture, the Bedouin. Bādūsbānids


(23 words)

bāg̲h̲ (P) : term for a suburban palace in Tīmūrid times, meaning a park or estate with building and gardens. Sarāy


(27 words)

bag̲h̲g̲h̲āl (A) : a muleteer, also known as Muḳārī or ḥammāra, who emerged as a distinct group of transport w…


(5 words)

bāg̲h̲ī Bug̲h̲āt; Mulḥid


(33 words)

bag̲h̲iyy (A, pl. bag̲h̲āyā), and mūmis, ʿāhira, zāniya : prostitute. A more vulgar word was ḳaḥba, from the verb ‘…
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