Encyclopaedia of Islam, Second Edition, Glossary and Index of Terms

Get access Subject: Middle East and Islamic Studies
Edited by: P.J. Bearman, Th. Bianquis, C.E. Bosworth, E. van Donzel and W.P. Heinrichs
Assisted by C. Ott, under the patronage of the International Union of Acadamies

Glossary and Index of Terms treats the technical terms in Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Urdu and other languages or dialects of the Islamic world. As an index, it is of immeasurable importance, in particular for the many terms which are not given an entry but are discussed in the course of an article; and as glossary it is an invaluable source of information for both non-specialist, who is given an insight into the varied and rich vocabulary of Islam, and the specialist, who may discover surprising new contexts in which a term is used.

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(29 words)

ḥāʾ (A) : the sixth letter of the Arabic alphabet, transcribed , with numerical value 8. It is an unvoiced pha…


(29 words)

hāʾ (A) : the twenty-sixth letter of the Arabic alphabet, transcribed h, with numerical value 5. It is an unvoi…


(5 words)

ḥababawar S̲h̲aḳīḳat Al-Nuʿmān


(19 words)

ḥabara (A) : a dark, silky enveloping outer wrap for women, worn in the Arab East. Libās


(113 words)

ḥabas̲h̲ (A), or ḥabas̲h̲a : a name said to be of south Arabian origin, applied in Arabic usage to the …


(35 words)

ḥabb (A) : grains, seeds. ḥabb al-naʿām (A) : in botany, ‘ostrich berries’, the…


(50 words)

ḥabba (A) : lit. grain or kernel; as a unit of weight, a ~ was a fraction in the Troy weight system …


(18 words)

ḥabīb (A) : lit. beloved; al-Ḥabīb is the usual Ḥaḍramī title of a Sayyid. Sayrām; S̲h̲arīf


(9 words)

ḥabīs (A) : an anchorite, recluse. Siʿird


(48 words)

habiz (SpA) : assumed to have been derived from aḥbās pronounced with a variation in timbre, i.e. aḥbīs, a term denot…


(41 words)

ḥabs Mawḳūf; Sid̲j̲n; ʿUrwa; Waḳf ḥabsiyya (P, < A) : in Persian literature, a…


(96 words)

ḥabs̲h̲ī : a term applied in India for those African communities whose ancestors originally came to …


(25 words)

hād (A) : in botany, cornucala monacantha, which grows in dried-out basins in the Libyan Desert and provid…


(18 words)

ḥadaba (A) : on the Arabian peninsula, a plain with a mantle of gravel. Ḏj̲azīrat al-ʿArab


(30 words)

ḥadaḳ (A) : the black pupil (of the oryx and addax), which in contrast to the white of the eye was a…


(20 words)

ḥaḍāna (A), or ḥiḍāna : in law, ~ is the right to custody of the child. ʿAbd; Ḥabs̲h̲ī


(62 words)

ḥadat̲h̲ (A) : in law, minor ritual impurity, as opposed to major impurity, D̲j̲anāba. A person who …


(257 words)

ḥadd (A, pl. ḥudūd) : hindrance, impediment, limit, boundary, frontier; in the Qurʾān, ~ is used (alway…


(11 words)

ḥaddād (A, pl. ḥaddādīn) : a blacksmith. Ḳayl; Sūḳ


(26 words)

ḥad̲h̲ad̲h̲ (A) : in prosody, a deviation in the metre because of the suppression of a whole watid mad̲j̲mūʿ (Awtād), …


(49 words)

ḥad̲h̲af (A) : a strain of sheep in the time of al-Ḏj̲āḥiẓ, with a black fleece and almost without a…


(27 words)

ḥad̲h̲āfa (A) : a missile, recommended to throw between the legs of the galloping animal in hunting …


(26 words)

ḥad̲h̲d̲h̲āʾ (A) : a sandal-maker, whose profession in pre-modern times had a low social status beca…


(39 words)

ḥad̲h̲f (A) : in prosody, a deviation in the metre because of the suppression of a moving and a quiescent consonant, a sab…


(14 words)

ḥad̲h̲w (A) : in prosody, the vowel immediately before the Ridf. Ḳāfiya


(29 words)

hādī (A, pl. huddāʾ) : the sporting pigeon; the sport of pigeon-flying ( zad̲j̲l, zid̲j̲āl) was very popular from …


(24 words)

hadī (A) : the name for the animal sacrificed in order to make atonement for certain transgressions …

hadia langgar

(34 words)

hadia langgar (Ind, < A Hadiyya) : a gift for the permission to cast the anchor, one of the tolls an…


(54 words)

ḥadīd (A) : in metallurgy, iron; three kinds of iron were distinguished: natural iron, al-sābūrḳān, and artificial…


(11 words)

ḥāḍira (A) : in administrative geography, ‘regional capital’. Saraḳusṭa


(119 words)

ḥadīt̲h̲ (A) : narrative, talk; al-ḥadīt̲h̲ is used for Tradition, being an account of what the Prophet s…


(122 words)

hadiyya (A) : a gift which in the Muslim East frequently implied an effort on the part of a person o…


(10 words)

ḥad̲j̲al (A) : in zoology, the partridge. Sayābid̲j̲a


(35 words)

had̲j̲ar (A, Eth hagar ‘town’) : the normal word for ‘town’ in the epigraphic dialects of pre-Islamic S…


(58 words)

ḥad̲j̲ar (A) : stone; also applied to any solid inorganic body occurring anywhere in Nature. Ḥadīt̲h…


(65 words)

ḥad̲j̲d̲j̲ (A) : the pilgrimage to Mecca, ʿArafāt and Minā, one of the five pillars of Islam. It is …


(136 words)

ḥād̲j̲ib (A) : the person responsible for guarding the door of access to the ruler, hence ‘chamberla…


(26 words)

had̲j̲īn (A), or s̲h̲ihrī : the ‘mixed breed’, whose sire is better bred than the dam, one of four clas…


(12 words)

hād̲j̲is (A) : in Yemen, term for poetic inspiration. S̲h̲āʿir
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