Encyclopaedia of Islam, Second Edition, Glossary and Index of Terms

Get access Subject: Middle East and Islamic Studies
Edited by: P.J. Bearman, Th. Bianquis, C.E. Bosworth, E. van Donzel and W.P. Heinrichs
Assisted by C. Ott, under the patronage of the International Union of Acadamies

Glossary and Index of Terms treats the technical terms in Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Urdu and other languages or dialects of the Islamic world. As an index, it is of immeasurable importance, in particular for the many terms which are not given an entry but are discussed in the course of an article; and as glossary it is an invaluable source of information for both non-specialist, who is given an insight into the varied and rich vocabulary of Islam, and the specialist, who may discover surprising new contexts in which a term is used.

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(9 words)

wafaya (A, pl. wafayāt) : obituary. al-Yūnīnī


(18 words)

wafd (A) : lit. delegation; the name of a nationalist political party in modern Egypt. Wafa


(25 words)

wafḍa (A) : originally, a shepherd’s leather bag; in archery, a quiver made from skin entirely, with…


(44 words)

wāfid (A) : ‘one who comes, makes his way, in a delegation or group’ (syn. muwaffad); used in the collective, wāfidiyya,…


(16 words)

wāfir (A) : in prosody, the name of the fourth Arabic metre. ʿArūḍ; Wāfidiyya


(47 words)

wafḳ (A, pl. awfāḳ) : lit. harmonious arrangement; in sorcery, a square, in the field of which certain …


(9 words)

wāḥa (A, pl. wāḥāt) : oasis. Wafḳ


(43 words)

waḥam (A), also waḥām, wiḥām : pregnancy craving; little noted in the medical literature, in popular Isl…


(96 words)

waḥda (A) : oneness; unit, unity, used as a technical term in philosophy and theology with these mea…


(10 words)

waḥf (A) : a woman’s exuberant hair. S̲h̲aʿr


(20 words)

wahhābiyya (A) : in law, both the doctrine and the followers of Muḥammad b. ʿAbd al-Wahhāb. Waḥdat al-S̲h̲uhūd


(13 words)

wāḥid (A), or fard, mufrad : in grammar, the singular. D̲j̲ālūt


(37 words)

wahm (A, pl. awhām) : lit. notion, supposition, in particular false notion, delusion; in philosophy, es…


(127 words)

waḥs̲h̲ (A, pl. wuḥūs̲h̲) : wild, desolate, uninhabited; a collective noun meaning ‘wild animals’. al-Wahrānī waḥs̲…


(24 words)

waḥy (A) : a Qurʾānic term primarily denoting revelation in the form of communication with speech. W…


(25 words)

waʿīd (A) : the Ḵh̲ārid̲j̲ite and Muʿtazilī doctrine of unconditional punishment of the unrepentant …


(10 words)

waʿil (A) : in zoology, the ibex. Mahāt


(69 words)

wāʿiẓ (A, pl. wuʿʿāẓ) : a preacher, mostly a preacher who gives sermons conveying admonishments ( waʿẓ, mawʿiẓa), the…
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