Encyclopaedia of the Qurʾān

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General Editor: Jane Dammen McAuliffe, Georgetown University, Washington DC

The Encyclopaedia of the Qur’ān Online is an encyclopaedic dictionary of qur’ānic terms, concepts, personalities, place names, cultural history and exegesis extended with essays on the most important themes and subjects within qur’ānic studies. The Encyclopaedia of the Qur’ān Online is the first comprehensive, multivolume reference work on the Qur’ān to appear in a Western language.
Encyclopaedia of the Qur’ān Online includes direct access to 62 Early Printed Western Qur’āns Online and the Electronic Qurʾān Concordance, a unique online finding aid for textual research.

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W (Waardenburg, J. - Waḥshī)

(663 words)

Waardenburg, J.  Death and the Dead Wadd  God and his Attributes  Iconoclasm  Idols and Images  Narratives  South Arabia, Religions in Pre-Islamic [Wādī l-] Shuḍayf  South Arabia, Religions in Pre-Islamic [Wādī] Mahzūr  Qurayẓa (Banū al-) [Wādī] Rumm (in Trans Jordan)  Syria [Wādī] al-Dawāsir  Geography [Wādī] al-Rumma  Geography Wadud-Muhsin, A.  Feminism and the Qurʾān  Gender  Teaching and Preaching the Qurʾān  Women and the Qurʾān Wagl  South Arabia, Religions in Pre-Islamic Wagtendonk, K.  Fasting  Myths and Legends in the Qurʾān  Night of Power  Post-Enlightenment Aca…

W (Waḥshī b. Ḥarb (d. 41-50/662-70) - Wāṣil, [Shaykh Dr.] Naṣr Farīd)

(330 words)

Waḥshī b. Ḥarb (d. 41-50/662-70)  Slaves and Slavery Webb, G.  Angel  Gabriel  Michael Weil, G.  Chronology and the Qurʾān  Post-Enlightenment Academic Study of the Qurʾān  Revision and Alteration  Translations of the Qurʾān Weiss, B.  Prohibited Degrees Weiss, L. (later Muhammad Asad)  Translations of the Qurʾān Weitbrech, H.  Tools for the Scholarly Study of the Qurʾān Welch, A.  Afternoon  Verse(s) Wellhausen, J.  Contemporary Critical Practices and the Qurʾān  Kaʿba  Months  Pilgrimage  Pre-Islamic Arabia and the Qurʾān  Sīra and the Qurʾān Wensinck, A.J.  Barrier  Chrono…

W (-wāw- - w-l-d)

(667 words)

-wāw-   w-b-l    wābil    Agriculture and Vegetation    Earth   w-b-r    awbār    Hides and Fleece   w-d-q    wadq    Agriculture and Vegetation    Water    Weather   w-d-y    diya    Abortion    Apostasy    Blood Money    Community and Society in the Qurʾān    Retaliation    Vengeance    wādī, pl. awdiya    Geography    Myths and Legends in the Qurʾān    Sacred Precincts    Simile    Textual Criticism of the Qurʾān    al-wādī l-muqaddas ṭūwan    Ṣafā and Marwa   w-d-ʿ    waddaʿa    Farewell Pilgrimage    wadāʿ    Farewell Pilgrimage    wadīʿa    Trust and Patience   w-f-q    a…

W (-wāw- - w-l-j - w-t-r)

(603 words)

w-l-j    awlaja    walaja    Death and the Dead   w-q-dh    mawqūdha    Food and Drink   w-q-f    atqā    Ethics and the Qurʾān    ittaqā    Epigraphy    Faith    Fear    Festivals and Commemorative Days    Indifference    Literary Structures of the Qurʾān    Paradise    Piety    Virtue    mawqūfāt    Ḥadīth and the Qurʾān    muttaqī,pl. muttaqūn    Brother and Brotherhood    Community and Society in the Qurʾān    Ethics and the Qurʾān    Fear    Pairs and Pairing    Paradise    Piety    Saint    taqiyya    Belief and Unbelief    Dissimulation    Immunity    Khārijīs    L…

W (-wāw- - w-th-n - w-ṣ-y)

(675 words)

w-th-n    wathan, pl. awthān    Idolatry and Idolaters    Idols and Images    Ritual Purity   w-y-l    wayl    Form and Structure of the Qurʾān    Rhetoric and the Qurʾān    Verse(s)   w-z-r    wazīr    Aaron    Brother and Brotherhood    Numismatics    wizr, pl. awzār    Load or Burden    Philosophy and the Qurʾān    Textual Criticism of the Qurʾān    Weights and Measures    wizāra    Everyday Life, Qurʾān In    wāzira    Load or Burden   w-z-y    awsaṭ    Moderation    mutawassiṭ    Barzakh    mutawāzī    Language and Style of the Qurʾān    wasaṭ    Moderation    ummatun/aʾimm…