Encyclopaedia of the Qurʾān

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General Editor: Jane Dammen McAuliffe, Georgetown University, Washington DC

The Encyclopaedia of the Qur’ān Online is an encyclopaedic dictionary of qur’ānic terms, concepts, personalities, place names, cultural history and exegesis extended with essays on the most important themes and subjects within qur’ānic studies. The Encyclopaedia of the Qur’ān Online is the first comprehensive, multivolume reference work on the Qur’ān to appear in a Western language.
Encyclopaedia of the Qur’ān Online includes direct access to 62 Early Printed Western Qur’āns Online and the Electronic Qurʾān Concordance, a unique online finding aid for textual research.

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Y (Yaḥyā b. Sallām al-Baṣrī (d. 200/815) - Yūsuf ʿAlī, ʿA.)

(417 words)

Yaḥyā b. Sallām al-Baṣrī (d. 200/815)  Exegesis of the Qurʾān: Classical and Medieval  Satanic Verses  Traditional Disciplines of Qurʾānic Studies Yaḥyā b. Yaʿmur (or Yaʿmar; d. 129/746)  Orthography Yaḥyā b. Yaḥyā al-Tamīmī (d. 226/840)  Createdness of the Qurʾān Yaḥyā b. ʿAdī (d. 363/974)  Philosophy and the Qurʾān Yaḥyā Ḥaqqī  Intercession Yemen [al-Yaman]  Abraha  Abyssinia  Agriculture and Vegetation  Almsgiving  Antichrist  Apostasy  Arabic Language  Archaeology and the Qurʾān  Art and Architecture and the Qurʾān  Caravan  Cave  Emigration  Epigraphy  Expeditions …

Y (-yāʾ- - yāqūt)

(445 words)

-yāʾ-   y-b-s    yābis    Adam and Eve    Arabic Script    Barrier   y-d(-y)    yad, pl. aydī    Expeditions and Battles    God and his Attributes    Guardianship    Hand(s)    ʿan yadin    Expeditions and Battles    Hand(s)   y-gh-th    yaghūth    South Arabia, Religions in Pre-Islamic   y-m-m    tayammama    Ritual Purity    tayammum    Chronology and the Qurʾān    Cleanliness and Ablution    Contamination    Prayer    Ritual Purity    Ritual and the Qurʾān    Suicide    Ḥadīth and the Qurʾān    yamm    Fire    Foreign Vocabulary    Water   y-m-n    ayman    Sacred Precin…