Encyclopedia of Arabic Language and Linguistics

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Subject: Language and Linguistics

Managing Editors Online Edition: Lutz Edzard and Rudolf de Jong

The Encyclopedia of Arabic Language and Linguistics Online comprehensively covers all aspects of Arabic languages and linguistics. It is interdisciplinary in scope and represents different schools and approaches in order to be as objective and versatile as possible. The Encyclopedia of Arabic Language and Linguistics Online is cross-searchable and cross-referenced, and is equipped with a browsable index. All relevant fields in Arabic linguistics, both general and language specific are covered and the Encyclopedia of Arabic Language and Linguistics Online includes topics from interdisciplinary fields, such as anthropology, psychology, sociology, philosophy, and computer science.

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A (ʾa- - Adiabene)

(1,636 words)

ʾa- Energicus, Focus, Fronting, Functional Grammar, Interrogative Sentences /a/, elision of Syria /a/, raising of → ʾimāla Aamer, Mahmoud ʾIʿrāb Aarts, Rian Europe Aartun, Kjell Aspect, Māḍī and Muḍāriʿ, Tense ʿAbābda Educated…

A (ʿAdiyy ibn Zayd al-ʿIbādī - Alam, Muzaffar)

(1,782 words)

ʿAdiyy ibn Zayd al-ʿIbādī Arabic Alphabet: Origin, Šiʿr adjacency Dissimilation, WH-Movement adjacency of sounds Metathesis adjacency pair

A (Alam, Yahya Mir - anaptyxis)

(1,961 words)

Alam, Yahya Mir Ištiqāq ʿalāma Ḍamīr, Fāʿil, ʾIʿrāb, Tanwīn, Tanwīn ʿalāma li-l-ʾamkan Tanwīn ʿalāmat al-ʾiʿrāb Case Roles ʿalāmat al-istifhām Punctuation ʿalāmat al-istišhād Punctuation ʿalāmat al-muḍmar Ṣifa ʿalāmat al-waqf Punctuation ʿalāmat at-taʿajjub Punctuation ʿalāmat at-taḍbīb Abbreviations ʿalāmat at-tarqīm Punctuation Alami, Yusef Amin el- Morocco

A (ʾAnas, Muḥammad - Arabic, Baghdadi Christian)

(2,092 words)

ʾAnas, Muḥammad Braille anʾAsǝr Arabic Educated Arabic Anatolia Anatolian Arabic, Aramaic/Syriac Loanwords, Iraq, Turkish, Turkish Anatolian Arabic Analytic Genitive, Anatolian Arabic, Cypriot Maronite Arabic, Dialect Geography, Dialects: Classification, Dialects: Classification, ʾImāla, Iraq, Iraq, Syria, Topic and Comment, Transitivity, Turkish Loanwords, Word Order, Word Order, Word Order …

A (Arabic, Baghdadi Jewish - Arabic, Kuwaiti)

(2,664 words)

Arabic, Baghdadi Jewish Case Theory, Cypriot Maronite Arabic, Dialects: Classification, Dialects: Classification, Diathesis, Iraq, Hypercorrection, ʾImāla, Judaeo-Arabic, Verbal Clause Arabic, Baghdadi Muslim Bedouinization, Dialects: Classification, Diathesis, Diphthongs, Hypercorrection, Kuwaiti Arabic, Kuwaiti Arabic…

A (Arabic, Lahej - Arabic, Tourkou)

(2,579 words)

Arabic, Lahej Yemen, Yemen, Yemen Arabic, Lake Chad Dialects: Classification Arabic, Latakia Dialects: Classification Arabic, Late Christian Middle Christian Middle Arabic, Christian Middle Arabic Arabic, Lawdar Yemen

A (Arabic, Trans-Jordanian - Assyrian)

(2,395 words)

Arabic, Trans-Jordanian Jordan Arabic, Tripoli Judaeo-Arabic, Judaeo-Arabic, Libya, Libya, Phonology, Political Discourse and Language, Tripoli Arabic Arabic, Tripoli Jewish Tripoli Arabic Arabic, Tripolitanian Libya Arabic, Tunis Bedouin Arabic, Communal Dialects, Communal Dialects, Dialect Koine, Dialects: Classification, Diphthongs, Judaeo-Arabic, Leveling,

A (Assyrian, Modern - Azzoune, Hamid)

(947 words)

Assyrian, Modern Ethnicity and Language Assyro-Babylonian Pseudodual ʾAstarābāḏī, Raḍī d-Dīn al- ʾAṣl, , Fāʿil, Fiʿl, Glide, Grammatical Tradition: Approach, Grammatical Tradition: History, Ibtidāʾ, ʾIdġām, ʾInšāʾ, Ištiqāq, Ištiqāq, Middle Verbs, Parts of Speech, Ṣarf, Taltala, Tamyīz, Tanwīn Asterix Sound Symbolism …


(3,353 words)

Author(s): Adam Gacek
Generally speaking, there are four main categories of abbreviations encountered in Arabic texts: i. i. Suspensions: abbreviation by truncation of the letters at the end of the word, e.g. المصـ = al-muṣannif. Perhaps the most interesting here is the case of suspensions that look like, or were considered by some to be, numerals. To this category belong the signs that resemble the numerals ۲ and ٣, but which may represent the unpointed tāʾ and šīn (for tamām and šarḥ) when used in conjunction with marginal glosses. ii. ii. Contractions: abbreviating by means…


(5 words)

see Language Academies


(5 words)

see Speech Accommodation


(4,778 words)

Author(s): Edwin Wieringa
 1. Acehnese as an Islamic language The population of the Indonesian province of Aceh, located on the northernmost tip of the island of Sumatra, is estimated at 4.7 million (2005). Aceh was one of the first areas in Indonesia to become converted to Islam. By the end of the 13th century, Islam was established in North Sumatra, gradually spreading to other parts of Aceh. The first Sultan of Aceh appeared in the 16th century, and in the early 17th century Aceh was unified by Sultan Iskandar Muda (r. 1607–1636), inaugurating Aceh's golden age, which spanned almost the entire 17th c…


(375 words)

Author(s): Eid, Mushira | Elgibali, Alaa | Versteegh, Kees | Woidich, Manfred | Zaborski, Andrzej
The idea for an encyclopedia of Arabic was first suggested to Brill by Andrzej Zaborski in the early 1990s, and was later developed by a group of linguists during a meeting of the Association Internationale de Dialectologie Arabe in Cambridge in 1995. After the initial stages, Brill enthusiastically accepted the idea, under the responsibility first of Albert Hoffstädt, then of Olaf Köndgen. In the final stages of Volume I, the project was taken over by Joed Elich. The editorial committee convene…


(4 words)

see Abbreviations

Adjective Phrase

(2,671 words)

Author(s): Alain Kihm
1. Definition In contrast with nouns and verbs, adjectives are a disputed category. Arabic has figured prominently in discussions about whether they constitute a special word class, or just special cases of nouns or verbs (see, e.g., Hengeveld 1992; Bhat 1994; Baker 2003). Here, we adopt the minimal theoretical requisite in the matter of word classes, to be found in the so-called ‘functionalist’ perspective of Croft (1991) or in the ‘paraminimalist’ approach of Baker (2003): the unmarked function of nouns is reference; the unmarked function of verbs is predication; a third function is p…


(3,053 words)

Author(s): Wolfdietrich Fischer
1. General definitions Adjectives refer to a noun (substantive) which they qualify. They may take the position of an attribute, a predicate, or a predicative ( circumstantial predicative). Usually attributes, predicates, and circumstantial predicatives come after the reference noun (Fassi Fehri 1999:107–112). Their reference to the noun is marked by agreement in gender and number and also, if they function as an attribute, in case and definiteness/indefiniteness. There are no special morphological signs to mark a noun as an adjective because, i…

Adverbial Clause

(9 words)

see Mafʿūl fīhi ; X-Bar Syntax
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