Encyclopedia of Jews in the Islamic World

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The Encyclopedia of Jews in the Islamic World Online (EJIW) is the first cohesive and discreet reference work which covers the Jews of Muslim lands particularly in the late medieval, early modern and modern periods. The Encyclopedia of Jews in the Islamic World Online is updated with newly commissioned articles, illustrations, multimedia, and primary source material. 

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Filiba, Lina

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Author(s): Aksel Erbahar
Lina Filiba, born in Istanbul in 1958, is the executive vice president of the Turkish Jewish community. She graduated from Üsküdar American Academy in Istanbul in 1976, and subsequently attended the Bosphorus University, receiving her degree in computer programming in 1980. Filiba has been an active member of the Turkish Jewish community since her teenage years. She has participated in many volunteer organizations and Jewish cultural activities, including Amicale events and folk dance groups. As a member of the …


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Author(s): Norman A. Stillman
see Plovdiv (Filibe) Norman A. Stillman

Firkovich / Firkowicz, Abraham

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Author(s): Dan D.Y. Shapira
Abraham Firkovich (Firkowicz) was born in 1787 into a Karaite family in Lutsk (Łuck), Volhynia. In 1818, after serving for some while as the city’s ḥazzan (Karaite rabbi), he left for the flourishing port-city of Eupatoria (Yevpatoria, Trk. Gözleve) in Crimea. There and, especially, in Odessa, he became involved with the Haskala (Heb. [Jewish] Enlightenment) movement. Firkovich collected rare books and manuscripts and was active in the publication of works of Karaite interest. In 1830 he visited Jerusalem and Hebron, where he collected many Karaite and Rabbanite …

F (La France Juive (Drumont) - Futūḥ al-Buldān (The Conquest of the Nations, al-Balādhurī))

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La France Juive (Drumont), Anti-Judaism/Antisemitism/Anti-Zionism, Benchimol, Haïm Franciscan monks, in Palestine, Palestine Franck, Arnold, Ayache, Germain Franck, Emil, Beirut Franco, Abraham, Chios, Rosanes (Rosales) Family Franco, Francisco, Larache, Spain Franco, Gad, El Nuvelista Franco, Hizkia, El Nuvelista Franco, Isaac, Kalai, Mordechai Ben Solomon Franco, Milasli Gad, Franco (Franko), Milasli Gad Franco, Moïse, Franco, Moïse, La Luz de Israel (Istanbul), Primo, Samuel Franco, Rahamim, Plovdiv (Filibe) Franco, Raḥamim, Rhodes, Mani, Elijah ben Sulayman…

Flāḥ, Shalom

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Author(s): Yosef Tobi
Shalom Flāḥ (Charles Chalom Flack) was born in Tunis in 1855. After acquiring advanced knowledge of both Hebrew and Arabic, he became a merchant in 1870. Thereafter he worked extensively for his community in a number of fields, including language instruction, journalism, public affairs, and Judeo-Arabic literature. Flāḥ was a great scholar in Hebrew, and his eagerness for the propagation of the language was monumental. In 1855, error: this was year of his birth he opened a school where he taught Hebrew, while his colleague  Joseph Cohen Ganouna was responsible for French studies. Flāḥ wr…

Florentin, David Isaac

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Author(s): Olga Borovaya
David Isaac Florentin (1874–1941) was…
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Author(s): Norman A. Stillman
see United States of America Norman A. Stillman