Encyclopedia of Jews in the Islamic World

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The Encyclopedia of Jews in the Islamic World Online (EJIW) is the first cohesive and discreet reference work which covers the Jews of Muslim lands particularly in the late medieval, early modern and modern periods. The Encyclopedia of Jews in the Islamic World Online is updated with newly commissioned articles, illustrations, multimedia, and primary source material. 

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Ivgy, Moshe

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Author(s): Amy Kronish
Born in Casablanca in 1953,  Moshe Ivgy (Jud.-Ar. Ibgī, Ibghī) came to Israel with his parents at the age of four. Following his army service, Ivgy studied acting at the Nissim Nativ Studio in Tel Aviv. He is one of Israel’s most popular stage and screen actors and is an active member of the Israel Screen Actors Guild. Ivgy lives with his family in Zichron Ya’akov and is the father of actress Dana Ivgy. Ivgy has appeared in television dramas, feature films, shorts, and plays performed on the Israeli stage. His first feature film role was in Yankul Goldwasser’s Big Shots (1982). Ivgy has perfec…

Izhakova, Barno

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Author(s): Norman A. Stillman
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Author(s): Cengiz Sisman
1.   Antiquity and Byzantine Era Archaeological evidence indicates that Izmir (Smyrna) has been inhabited by different ethnic and religious groups since 3000 B.C.E. Traces of the first Jewish inhabitants date back to the second century, as indicated by the New Testament (Revelation 1:11, 2:8) and Greek inscriptions. Jews disappeared from the city in medieval times, but reappeared in the sixteenth century, an era in which Izmir was undergoing a transformation from a border town to a cosmopolitan city of the Ottoman Empire. According to Herodotus, Smyrna was founded by Aeolians b…


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Author(s): Onur Yildirim
Izmit (Nicomedia) is a town in northwestern Anatolia, situated on the eastern side of the Sea of Marmara, about 100 kilometers (62 miles) east of Istanbul. The Ottomans captured the city from the Byzantines in 1338. It later became the center of the province ( sanjak) of Kocaeli (and is still the capital of a province of the same name in the Republic of Turkey). During the Ottoman period, the town was particularly known for its naval arsenal, which supplemented the imperial shipyard in Istanbul. The forested region surrounding Izmit was th…