Historical Atlas of Islam

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Edited by: Hugh Kennedy
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Author(s): Kennedy, Hugh
Dabā The Arabian Peninsula in Islamic Times – 19 G2 Ḍabba Bāhila Arabia in the Time of the Ḥijra (622 A.D.) – 16b D3 Dabhol The Indian Ocean circa 390 / 1000 and the Turks and Portuguese in the Indian Ocean 10th / 16th Centuries – 61 E3 Dabīl Caucasus (al-Qabq) in the Early Middle Ages – 44 C3 Dābiq The Fertile Crescent Under the Umayyad and ʿAbbāsid Caliphs – 20/21 C2 Dabul Islam in India – 63a B3;  63b B3 Dabūsiyya Transoxania in the 4th-5th / 10th-11th Centuries and The Khwārazm Shāhs and Ghūrids – 41a C3;  Transoxania under the Timurids and Özbeks circa 905 / 1500 – 42a C3 Dachareni Arabia according …