Historical Atlas of Islam

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Edited by: Hugh Kennedy
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Author(s): Kennedy, Hugh
Fachi North Africa and the Sudan circa 1008 / 1600 – 58 D3 Fadak Arabia in the Time of the Ḥijra (622 A.D.) – 16b D2;  The Arabian Peninsula in Islamic Times – 19 D2 Fadʿan The Fertile Crescent in the 11th/17th and 12th/18th Centuries – 24/25 D2;  24/25 E4 Fahraj Iran under the Umayyads and ʿAbbāsids – 32/33 D4;  Iran in the 4th-5th / 10th-11th Centuries – 34/35 C3;  34/35 D4 Faḥṣ al-Ballūṭ al-Andalus – 54 D3;  55 D3 Fajr Arabia in the Time of the Ḥijra (622 A.D.) – 16b C2 Fakiya Anadolu and Rumeli in the later 13th / 19th Century – 50/51 D2 Fāknūr The Indian Ocean circa 390 / 1000 and the Turks and …

Fās (Fes) and Marrākush (Marrakesh)

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Author(s): Kennedy, Hugh
The maps are redrawn from those in the Green Guide, Maroc (Paris, 1974) with extensive additions from historical sources. Hugh Kennedy