Historical Atlas of Islam

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Edited by: Hugh Kennedy
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Author(s): Kennedy, Hugh
Vakhsh River Transoxania under the Timurids and Özbeks circa 905 / 1500 – 42a C3;  Transoxania in the 13th / 19th Century – 42b E3 Valabhi The World on the Eve of the Muslim Conquests circa 600 A.D. – 6 D3;  The Umayyad Caliphate circa 132/750 – 8 D3 Valabhipur Islam in India – 62b B2 Valania (Bulunyās) The Fertile Crescent in the Age of the Crusades circa 534/1140 – 22/23 C2 Valentiae al-Andalus – 53a C3;  54 F3 Valtos/z Anadolu and Rumeli in the later 11th / 17th Century – 49 C3;  Anadolu and Rumeli in the later 13th / 19th Century – 50/51 C3 Vālyeva/o Anadolu and Rumeli in the later 11th / 17th C…