Who's Who in Public International Law

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Subject: International Relations

Edited by: Jennifer Dilworth and Megan Stuart-Jones

Who’s Who in Public International Law Online provides unique access to the main players within international law.  Originally created by Sir Elihu Lauterpacht of Cambridge University, Who’s Who in Public International Law Online is a directory of some 600 public international lawyers of standing and prominence in the judicial, academic and professional fields. Who’s Who in Public International Law Online focuses upon those persons who devote or have devoted a significant part of their activities to public international law, whether as judges, arbitrators, practicing lawyers, officials of governments and international organizations, members of inter-governmental legal bodies or academics.
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MacGlashan, Miss Maureen Elizabeth, CMG

(152 words)

British; born: 7 January 1938; languages: English, French, Italian; interests: For indexing purposes, any top…

MacLean, Dr Roberto G, CBE

(377 words)

Peruvian; born: 10 January 1931; languages: Spanish, English; professional career: academic career: Institute…

Magezi, Honourable Lady Justice Anna Mary Josephine, Barrister at Law

(54 words)

Ugandan; born: 10 April 1945; languages: English, Swahili; professional career: governmental career: Several …

Magid, Per

(168 words)

Danish; born: 20 February 1943; languages: Scandinavian languages, English; professional career: academic care…

Mahiou, Professeur Ahmed

(552 words)

Algerian; born: 1 December 1936; languages: French, English, Berber, Arabic; professional career: academic care…

Makarczyk, Judge Jerzy

(181 words)

Polish; born: 24 July 1938; languages: Polish, French, English, Russian; professional career: academic career: …

Malenovsky, Professor Dr Jirí, JUDr, CSc

(336 words)

Czech, Judge, European Court of Justice; born: 15 July 1950; languages: Czech, French, English, German, Russian; int…

Malintoppi, Ms Loretta

(181 words)

Italian; born: 16 December 1956; languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish; professional career: Counsel and…

Mampuya, Professor Auguste

(163 words)

Congolaise ; born: 13 February 1943; languages: French, English; interests: Armed conflict; Jurisdiction; Hum…

Manohar, Mrs Justice Sujata

(198 words)

Indian; born: 28 August 1934; languages: English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi; interests: Criminal Law; Dispute s…

Mansfield, William Ramsay

(827 words)

New Zealand; born: 16 April 1943; languages: English; interests: Dispute settlement; Environment law; Law of…

Marotta Rangel, Judge Vicente

(188 words)

Brazilian; born: 14 March 1924; languages: Portuguese, Spanish, French, English, Italian; professional career: a…

Martin Canivell, Judge Joaquin

(108 words)

Spanish; born: 4 August 1930; languages: Spanish, English, French, Italian; professional career: academic caree…

Matheson, Professor Michael

(116 words)

American; born: 9 March 1944; languages: English; professional career: academic career: Johns Hopkins Univer…

Mathias, D. Stephen

(86 words)

American; born: 29 July 1955; languages: English; professional career: academic career: Georgetown Universit…

Maupain, Dr Francis

(333 words)

French; born: 1 October 1941; languages: French, English; professional career: academic career: College of Eu…

Maxim, Ambassador Ioan

(265 words)

Romanian; born: 23 June 1941; languages: Romanian, French, English; professional career: governmental career: …

McCorquodale, Professor Robert

(226 words)

Australian; born: 20 October 1959; languages: English; professional career: academic career: University of C…

McLachlan, Professor Campbell Alan, LLB PhD

(412 words)

New Zealand; born: 15 April 1960; languages: English; education: Victoria University of Wellington, LLB (Hon…

McWhinney, Professor Edward Watson, QC, LLM, SJD, LLD

(479 words)

Canadian; born: ; languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian; professional career: academic …
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