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Garments worn for modesty (q.v.), utility, protection and decoration. Explicit references to clothing appear 23 times in the Qurʾān. Qurʾānic terms for clothing are libās and thiyāb (clothing, garment), zīna (finery), ḥilya (ornament) and rīsh (attire). Only rarely are specific items mentioned: (mail) shirts ( sarābīl, q 16:81), sandals ( naʿl, q 20:12), robes ( jalābīb, q 33:59) and shirt ( qamīṣ, q 12:18, 25-8, 93). A wrap or cloak ( dithār) is evoked in q 74, which is entitled “The Cloaked One” (Sūrat al-Muddaththir). In the Qurʾān ḥijāb denotes a curtain or separation rather t…

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