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Night of Power
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The night during Ramaḍān (q.v.) when, according to classical exegesis, the Qurʾān was sent down. The phrase “Night of Power” ( laylat al- qadr) appears in q 97:1, and lends itself to the name of the sūra (Sūrat al-Qadr). Its Meccan or Medinan origin is in dispute, although it is usually associated with the early Meccan period (see chronology and the qurʾān ). This night is described as a night better than a thousand months (q.v.) in which angels (see angel ) and the spirit (q.v.; rūḥ, i.e. Gabriel [q.v.], other high angels, etc., cf. Rāzī, Tafsīr, xxxiii, 32) descend by leave of their lord from ev…

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