Kitāb Futūḥ al-buldān (English translation)

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The Battle of Fiḥl in the Province of the Jordan
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Arabic text

Abu-‘Ubaidah commander-in-chief

[115] The battle of Fiḥl1 in the province of the Jordan was fought two days before the end of dhu-l-Ḳa‘dah and five months after the proclamation of ‘Umar ibn-al-Khaṭṭâb as caliph. The commander-in-chief was abu-‘Ubaidah ibn-al-Jarrâḥ, to whom ‘Umar had sent a letter with ‘Âmir ibn-abi-Waḳḳâṣ, a brother of Sa‘d ibn-abi-Waḳḳâṣ, conferring on him the governorship of Syria and the chief command.2

Some say that the appointment of abu-‘Ubaidah to…

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