The Fief of Nâfi‘
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Arabic text

Nâfi‘ raises horses in al-Baṣrah

[350c] Al-Ḥusain ibn-‘Ali ibn-al-Aswad al-‘Ijli from Yaḥya ibn-Adam from abu-Mu‘âwiyah from ash-Shaibâni from Muḥammad ibn-‘Abdallâh ath-Thaḳafi:—There was in al-Baṣrah a man (whose kunyah was abu-‘Abdallâh) by the name of Nâfi‘, who was the first to wean a colt in that district. He went to ‘Umar and said to him, “There is in al-Baṣrah a piece of land [which I want]. It is not subject to the kharâj, nor will my taking it harm any one of the Moslems.” Abu…

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