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 De liberatione civitatum Orientis

(444 words)

Author(s): Airaldi & Alex Mallett, Gabriella
The liberation of the cities of the East Caffaro of Genoa Date: Mid-1150s Original Language: Latin Description This chronicle describes the participation of the Genoese in the First Crusade, and the privileges and holdings granted to the city-state in the Holy Land following their success. Caffaro, who participated in the campaign, wrote the chronicle in the mid-1150s, around 50 years after the events themselves and his similar, though much shorter, account in his Annals. The chronicle seems to have been written as a legal document to be presented to Pope Hadrian IV, …

Caffaro of Genoa

(665 words)

Author(s): Airaldi & Alex Mallett, Gabriella
Caffaro di Rustico da Caschifellone Date of Birth: About 1080 Place of Birth: Genoa Date of Death: About 1166 Place of Death: Genoa Biography Caffaro, from Rustico da Caschifellone (near Genoa in the Val Polcevera), was born around 1080. A member of an aristocratic family descending from Ido, a 10th-century vice-count of Genoa who belonged to the ‘Compagna’ of the Porta (in the area of the San Pietro in Banchi church), Caffaro was the eldest of three brothers (the others being Oberto and Guiscardo), all of whom were active in public life. A typical member of the Genoese elite of merchant-warriors, Caffaro was among the ‘founding fathers’ of the Commune of Genoa, and worked in a broad international area. He was consul, ambassador and historian of the Commune, on several occasions, with his name first appearing on a document of 20 July 1100. In 1101, just after the First Crusade, he took part in the expedition that led to the conquest of Caesarea, led by another eminent character, Guglielmo Embriaco, whom Caffaro was to celebrate, together with the townspeople, as the founding hero of the new Genoese history. Except for a document dating from 1111, there are no notices on Caffaro's life until 1121, when he reappeared on the scene as a protagonist in the role of ambassador to Pope Calixtus II during the Genoese clash with Pisa over the status of Corsica and its dioceses, and for which he was to return to Rome in 1123. In 1122 he became the consul of the Comm…

 Annales Ianuenses, MXCIX-MCLXIII

(739 words)

Author(s): Airaldi & Alex Mallett, Gabriella
Annals of Genoa, 1099-1163 Caffaro of Genoa Date: Before 1166 Original Language: Latin Description In 1152, towards the end of his life, Caffaro presented to the consuls of Genoa his Annals, an account of the life of a commune that in the years it covers, 1100-63, had become an international power. His work was placed in the Public Archives, and, together with continuations, it became Genoa’s public version of its own history. It is an achievement of some innovation, in which Caffaro takes and revitalises the year-by-year ch…