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 Chronica Hungarorum

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Author(s): Ayton, Andrew
'Chronicle of the Hungarians' János Thuróczy Date: 1488 Original Language: Latin Description Thuróczy’s Chronica Hungarorum, as printed, is composed of four separate works (each with its own preface) that have been stitched together end to end, thereby covering the history of the Hungarians in four parts of unequal length: from the earliest times to 1342 (129 chapters of the 1985 edition), 1342 to 1382 (55 chapters), 1382 to 1386 (9 chapters), and 1387 to 1487 (68 chapters). The first three parts are heavily dependent on existing texts, the second being a straight copy of Küküllei’s Gesta…

János Thuróczy

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Author(s): Ayton, Andrew
Biography János Thuróczy was born into a modestly-endowed lesser noble family whose land lay predominantly in the county of Turóc in northern Hungary. The date of his birth is unknown, but from what is recorded of his life (he appears for the first time in the sources in 1459) it was probably around 1435. Nothing is known of his youth or education, though we may suggest that he learned Latin at a church school, that he had no Greek and that he did not attend a university. That he should embark up…