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Author(s): Bakhou and John Lamoreaux, Abgar
Gerasimos, Abbot of the Monastery of St Symeon Date of Birth: Unknown; perhaps 12th or early 13th century Place of Birth: Unknown; perhaps Antioch Date of Death: Unknown; perhaps 13th century Place of Death: Unknown; perhaps Antioch Biography Gerasimos is an exceedingly obscure figure. The body of his sole surviving work offers no biographical information. From its title, we learn that its author, Gerasimos, was ‘the abbot of the Monastery of the Blessed Saint Symeon the Wonderworker’, on the ‘wondrous mountain’ ( thaumaston oros). This would be the monastery of Symeon the Tha…

 Al-kāfī fī l-maʿnā l-shāfī

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Author(s): Bakhou and John Lamoreaux, Abgar
'The sufficient, on the clear meaning' Gerasimos Date: Unknown; 13th century Original Language: Arabic Description Gerasimos’ work is divided into six parts. The first five seek to discover the marks by which one can recognize the true religion. They include an extensive collection of testimonies, some from the Old and New Testaments, but most from non-Christian literature. The last part is disproportionately long, and offers a series of detailed responses to possible objections. Parts 1 and 2 apply reason to the problem of discerning the true religion. Gerasimos ope…