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Aṛak`el Dawrizhets`i

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Author(s): Bournoutian, George
Aṛak`el Dawrizhets`i, Aṛak`el Dawrižec`i, Aṛak`el of Tabriz Date of Birth: About 1590 Place of Birth: Tabriz Date of Death: 1670 Place of Death: Echmiadzin Biography Biographical information about Aṛak`el Dawrizhets`i is scant. His exact date of birth is unknown, but scholars assume it was sometime in the last decade of the 16th century. He himself states that he began writing Girk `  patmut ` eants `  when he was already old, very ill, with poor eyesight and trembling hands. Since he died in 1670, it is safe to conclude that he was by then about 80 years old.…


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Author(s): Bournoutian, George
Chambr‘Archival chamber’ Simeon Erevantsi Catholicos Date: 1765-76 Original Language: Armenian DescriptionSimeon gathered all the documents and manuscripts that had been left rotting in the various dusty corners of the Holy See and, after examining them, wrote  Jambṛ. The title comes from the French  chambre, because Simeon saw it as an archival chamber or repository. The original text is found in a manuscript (MS 978) consisting of 598 two-sided folios, with several blank folios, and there is also what seems to be a rough draught (MS 45…

 Girk` patmut`eants` sharadreal Vardapetin Aŗak`el Dawrēzhets`woy

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Author(s): Bournoutian, George
‘Book of histories composed by Vardapet Aŗak`el of Tabriz’ Aṛak`el Dawrizhets`i, Aṛak`el Dawrižec`i, Aṛak`el of Tabriz Date: 1669 Original Language: Armenian Description Aṛak`el’s Girk` patmut`eants` sharadreal Vardapetin A ak`el Dawrēzhets`woy is lengthy, consisting of 58 chapters, covering 540 pages in the 2010 English translation by Bournoutian, including footnotes. It was printed in Amsterdam in 1669 (a year before Aŗak`el’s death), making it the first Armenian history book ever printed. It was later printed under the titles  Book of historiesBook of history and  Hist…

Abraham Erewants‘i

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Author(s): Bournoutian, George
Abraham of Yerevan Date of Birth: Unknown Place of Birth: Unknown Date of Death: Unknown Place of Death: Unknown BiographyNo biographical details exist about Abraham. It appears that he was the son of a certain Hovhannes, who lived in Yerevan, the centre of Persian defences against the Ottomans in the south Caucasus. His writing style is not that of a member of the clergy, but he was literate, and therefore not a peasant. His knowledge of European words and the frequent use of military terminology, as well as his …


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Author(s): Bournoutian, George
‘The travel accounts of Simēon of Poland’ Simeon of Poland, Simēon of Zamość, Simēon dpir Date: Probably between 1584 and 1636 Original Language: Armenian Description The manuscript of Simēon’s work, which covers 396 pages, is housed in the library of Warsaw University. It was discovered in Lvov University library. The original manuscript has no title: the Armenian word Ughegrut iwn means ‘travel accounts’, a title (in its plural form) given to the work because it recounts Simēon’s travels to various places, in addition to the colophons, which suggest …

Zak‘aria K‘anak‘eṛc‘i

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Author(s): Bournoutian, George
Zak‘aria of K‘anak‘eṛ Date of Birth: 1627 Place of Birth: K‘anak‘eṛ Date of Death: 1699 Place of Death: K‘anak‘eṛ Biography Zak‘aria was born in 1627 in the village of K‘anak‘eṛ, now a northern suburb of Yerevan. His father Mkrtich‘ was the scribe for the  tanutēr (land baron) of the district of Kotayk‘. At the age of 13, Zak‘aria entered as a novice the monastery of Hovhannavank‘, where he would remain for the rest of his life. According to his own account, his physical disability – lameness – prevented him from becoming a  vardapet (ordained priest), and he only rose to the rank of deacon ( sar…

 Patmut‘iwn of Kat‘oghikos Abraham Kretats‘i

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Author(s): Bournoutian, George
Patmagrut‘iwn anc‘ic‘n iwroy ew Natr-Sahin Parsic‘‘The chronicle of Abraham of Crete’ Abraham Kretats‘i, Abraham of Crete, also known as Rodost‘ots‘i (from Rodosto) or Tekirdaghts‘i (from Tekirdagh) Date: 1737 Original Language: Armenian DescriptionThe  Patmutʻiwn of Katʻoghikos Abraham Kretatsʻi is a primary source for the events that occurred from April 1734 to November 1736 in the south Caucasus with the arrival of Nādir Khan (Ṭahmāsp Quli Khan; r. 1736-47), later Nādir Shah Afshār. Abraham wrote his Chronicle  in 1736-7, and it exists in many MSS. It was first pu…

 Zakareay Sarkawagi Patmagrut‘iwn

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Author(s): Bournoutian, George
‘The chronicle of Deacon Zak‘aria of K‘anak‘eṛ’ Zak‘aria of K‘anak‘eṛ Date: 1699 Original Language: Armenian Description Patmagrut iwn is composed in the spoken dialect of the Yerevan region mixed with the late classical and vernacular language and abounds in Persian and Turkish words. The earliest copy, preserved in the Matenadaran Archives (MS 1662) is dated 1699 and consists of 323 double-sided folios. It was first published in 1870 in Vagharshapat (at that time part of Russian Armenia) as  Zak areay Sarkawagi Patmagrut iwn, but this edition contained numerous errors.…

 Patmut‘iwn paterazmatsn 1721-1736 t‘.t‘

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Author(s): Bournoutian, George
‘History of the wars 1721-36’ Abraham of Yerevan Date: after 1738 Original Language: Armenian DescriptionTwo manuscripts of the History exist, both held by the Armenian Catholic Mkhitarist Library, San Lazzaro, in Venice. MS 2717, dated to after 1738, has no chapter headings, is written in a poor hand with numerous spelling and grammatical errors, and contains many Persian and Turkish words. The narrative begins with the Afghan invasion of Iran in 1721 and ends with the conquest of Qandahar by Nādir Shah Afshār (…

Simēon Lehats‘i

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Author(s): Bournoutian, George
Simeon of Poland, Simēon of Zamość, Simēon dpir Date of Birth: 1584 Place of Birth: Zamość, Poland Date of Death: Unknown; possibly 1636 Place of Death: Unknown; possibly Lvov Biography The main source of information about the life of Simēon is his own untitled work, which is referred to as Ughegrutiwn (‘Travel accounts’). The original manuscript was used by the Armenian Mekhitarist (Catholic) Father N. Akinean, who found it in the library of the University of Lvov in June 1932 and made a handwritten copy. Simēon was born in Zamość, Poland, in 1584. His parents, Mahdesi Martir…

Abraham III Kretats‘i

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Author(s): Bournoutian, George
Abraham Kretats‘i, Abraham of Crete, also known as Rodost‘ots‘i (from Rodosto) or Tekirdaghts‘i (from Tekirdagh) Date of Birth: Unknown Place of Birth: Crete Date of Death: 18 April 1737 Place of Death: Echmiadzin BiographyFew details are known about the life of Abraham Kretats‘i, other than that he was born in Crete to a Greek mother, and that he was prelate of the Armenians of Trakia (Thrace), i.e. Rodosto or Tekirdag (to the west of Istanbul) from 1709 to 1734, hence his also being known as Rodost‘ots‘i (from Rodosto) or Tek…

Simeon of Yerevan

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Author(s): Bournoutian, George
Simeon Erevantsi Catholicos Date of Birth: Unknown Place of Birth: Yerevan Date of Death: 1780 Place of Death: Yerevan BiographyBorn in Yerevan, Simeon received his religious education at Echmiadzin ( Ējmiatzin) and became a  vardapet (doctor of the church) in 1747. He rose to the rank of bishop in 1754. As nuncio, he was sent to visit the Armenian communities in the Ottoman Empire. He was elected the Kat‘oghikos (Catholicos), or Supreme Patriarch of the Armenian Church, in 1763 and served in that post until his death in 1780. He reorganised the administration …