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Author(s): Coope, Jessica A.
Biography Little is known about Speraindeo’s life. He taught Eulogius (q.v.) and Paulus Alvarus (q.v.), supporters and main chroniclers of the martyrs’ movement among Christians in Cordova, 850-59. His only complete writing that survives is a brief letter written to Paulus Alvarus in the 840s or early 850s in which Speraindeo denounces a group of Christians Alvarus describes as anti-Trinitarians, who believed Jesus was not divine. The anti-Trinitarians may have connections with the Adoptionists in late 8th-century al-Andalus led by Elipandus, Archbishop of Toledo, whose…

Abbot Samson

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Author(s): Coope, Jessica A.
Biography Samson was abbot of St Zoilus in Cordova, the church and monastery where Eulogius (q.v.) and Paul Alvarus (q.v.) studied under Speraindeo (q.v.). He later became abbot of Pinna Mellaria, also near Cordova and a center of the martyrs' movement of 850-59. In the early 860s he was employed at the emir's court translating letters intended for the Frankish court from Arabic to Latin. For reasons that are unclear, a group of courtiers turned against Samson, accusing him of passing secrets to …

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Author(s): Coope, Jessica A.
Polemic against Islam Speraindeo Date: Unknown, probably 830s or 840s Original Language: Latin Description All that survives of Speraindeo’s polemic against Islam is a one-page passage in which he condemns what he understands as the Muslim belief that those who enter paradise (presumably men) will be rewarded with beautiful women as sexual partners. Speraindeo characterizes the Muslim paradise as a brothel, and quotes passages from Matthew and Luke affirming that there will be no marriage in heaven. Although brief, the passage and the larger work from which it came proba…


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Author(s): Coope, Jessica A.
- Abbot Samson Date: 864 Original Language: Latin Description The Apologeticus occupies 152 pages in Gil’s edition. Most of the material on Christian-Muslim relations is in the second book of the treatise, which is 101 pages long. The Apologeticus is primarily an attack on two Christians: Hostegesis, Bishop of Malaga, and Servandus, Count of Cordova, both of whom conspired to drive Samson out of Cordova. It is nevertheless relevant to Christian-Muslim relations in that Samson condemns these two men and their supporters for their clo…