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 Wallachian diplomatic correspondence

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Author(s): Cristea, Ovidiu
Wallachian diplomatic correspondence- Wallachian diplomatic correspondence Date: 16th century Original Language: Various Description This correspondence, only a minor part of which has survived, consists mainly of letters sent by the rulers of Wallachia to the Kingdom of Hungary, and to the Saxon towns of Kronstadt (Brasov) and Hermannstadt (Sibiu) in southern Transylvania. A few letters were also sent to the kings of Poland, the princes of Transylvania (after 1576) and the Habsburgs. Most of the letters were written in Latin or Slavonic. In addition to this correspondence w…

Mihai Viteazul

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Author(s): Cristea, Ovidiu
Michael the Brave Date of Birth: Unknown Place of Birth: Unknown Date of Death: 1601 Place of Death: Câmpia Turzii, Transylvania (present-day Romania) Biography Michael the Brave ruled as Prince of Wallachia (r. 1593-1601), Transylvania (r. 1599-1601) and Moldavia (r. 1600-1601). His origins are still disputed among historians. He claimed to be the (illegitimate) son of the late Prince Pătrașcu the Fair (cel Bun, r. 1554-7), but this has not been established. Some sources indicate that he was related (on his mother’s s…


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Author(s): Cristea, Ovidiu
- Michael the Brave Date: 1594-1601 Original Language: German Description Michael the Brave’s thoughts about the confrontation between Christianity and Islam during his lifetime, the so-called ‘Long Turkish War’, 1593-1606, can be gathered from his correspondence with the main political actors. These letters are scattered among various archives in Romania and elsewhere. Most are extant in the original or on microfilm in the Central National Archives in Bucharest, and have been published in various collections of documents. According to the Silesian chronicler Balthasar W…

Wallachian diplomatic correspondence

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Author(s): Cristea, Ovidiu
Biography This comprises the diplomatic correspondence between the rulers of Wallachia and rulers of neighbouring regions in the 16th century. Only a minor part of the correspondence has survived, and little is known about individual authors.  Primary Sources of Information Secondary Sources of Information Works on Christian-Muslim Relations Wallachian diplomatic correspondence Ovidiu Cristea