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Zerrenner, Heinrich Gottlieb

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Author(s): Domsgen, Michael
[German Version] (Mar 8, 1750, Wernigerode – Nov 10, 1811, Derenburg), Protestant theologian and educational writer. After attending the Latin school in Wernigerode and the Pedagogium in Klosterberge, Zerrenner studied theology in Halle from 1768 to 1771, where one of his teachers was J.S. Semler. In 1772 he took a teaching position in Klosterberge and in 1775 was appointed pastor in Beyendorf (near Magdeburg), where he began to “preach with his pen” (Jacobs). Publication of his Volksbuch brought a call to Derenburg, where he was appointed royal superintendent and senio…

Uckeley, Alfred

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Author(s): Domsgen, Michael
[German Version] (Aug 25, 1874, Kolberg, Pomerania [Kołobrzeg, Poland] – Dec 26, 1955, Marburg), Protestant theologian (practical theology and church history). After studying theology at Greifswald, Berlin, and Halle and serving as a pastor in Wildungen, he received his doctorate in 1902 from Greifswald, where he worked as a lecturer after he completed his habilitation in 1905. From 1910 to 1934, he was professor of practical theology at Königsberg (Kaliningrad); in 1923 he was also appointed cons…

Oates, Wayne Edward

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Author(s): Domsgen, Michael
[German Version] (Jun 24, 1917, Greenville, SC – Oct 21, 1999, Louisville, KY), psychologist of religion, representative of the Pastoral Counseling movement in the United States. Oates taught at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville: from 1948 to 1974 as assistant professor, from 1983 to 1992 as senior professor; and from 1992 to 1994 as senior research professor of psychology of religion and pastoral care. From 1974 to 1991 he was professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at…

Ulmer, Friedrich

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Author(s): Domsgen, Michael
[German Version] (Mar 15, 1877, Munich – Aug 18, 1946, Erlangen), Bavarian Protestant theologian. After earning his Dr.phil. in 1899, Ulmer served as a pastor in Adelshofen (1910–1918) and Würzburg (1918–1920), dean in Dinkelsbühl (1920–1924), and professor of practical theology at Erlangen (1924–1937). On account of an article (“So geht’s nicht”) critical of Robert Ley, the head of the Nazi party organization, he was forced to retire. He achieved prominence as president of the ¶ Martin-Luther-Bund (1928–1939), on which he left an enduring mark. Michael Domsgen Bibliography K. Müh…

Wurster, Paul

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Author(s): Domsgen, Michael
[German Version] (Dec 6, 1860, Hohenstaufen – Jan 4, 1923, Tübingen), Protestant theologian. After studying at Tübingen from 1878 to 1883, he received his Dr.phil. in 1883. He was appointed pastor in Heilbronn in 1888 and dean in Blaubeuren in 1903. In the same year he was appointed professor at the seminary in Friedberg, Hesse, where he became director in 1904. In 1907 he was appointed professor of practical theology and ethics at Tübingen. He took an early interest in the Inland Mission and the …

Teaching of the Church

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Author(s): Domsgen, Michael
[German Version] The teaching ministry of the church embraces the church’s whole program of instruction, including confirmation classes, Christian doctrine classes, and Sunday school. The concept, which is not clearly distinct from catechesis or instruction, appears in various contexts. C.A.G. v. Zezschwitzviewed the teaching ministry as part of the “total catechetical process” (9). In this sense, it is primarily instruction in questions of the faith and is therefore used as a term for confirmatio…

Schlümbach, Friedrich von

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Author(s): Domsgen, Michael
[German Version] (Jun 27, 1842, Oberröhringen, Württemberg – May 21, 1901, Cleveland, OH). As a Methodist revivalist, he left his mark on the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) and the evangelistic movement in Germany. After emigrating to the United States in 1858, he took part in the American Civil War. After his conversion in 1868, he preached in Baltimore and was appointed secretary general of the YMCA in 1878. On an evangelistic tour in Germany, on Jan 22, 1883, he established the first …