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Abū ʿĪsā al-Iṣfahānī

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Author(s): Erder, Yoram
Abū ʿĪsā al-Iṣfahānī (fl. late-first/seventh century or mid-second/eighth century) was the founder of a Jewish sect named “ʿIsāwiyya.” As the sect was active in Isfahan, it is in some sources called “Iṣfahāniyya.” According to Karaite sources and Muslim heresiographical literature, many Jewish sects, among them the ʿIsāwiyya, emerged in the first centuries of Islam, especially in Persia and Iraq. These sects did not survive for long, leaving no authentic literature, so we have only late and mutual…
Date: 2020-02-11


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Author(s): Erder, Yoram
A qurʾānic prophet (see prophets and prophethood ) blessed with the virtues of piety (q.v.) and patience (see trust and patience ). There is no doubt that his uniqueness is the result of his ascent to a high station by the hand of God ( q 19:56-7; 21:85). Muslim tradition claims that he ascended to heaven while still alive and there he was awarded eternal life and a permanent home in the fourth heaven, although some traditions place him in the sixth heaven (see heaven and sky ). Indeed, the prophet Muḥammad meets him in heaven during his nocturnal journey ( isrāʾ, see ascension ). Other traditions…