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Hahn, Michael

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Author(s): Fabry, Jacques
Hahn, Michael, * 2 Feb 1758 (Altdorf), † 20 Jan 1819 (Sindlingen) Hahn came from a family of Pietists [→ Pietism]. He felt the presence of God within him as early as the age of twelve. Toward 1777, he received the grace of an illumination that he himself called a Zentralschau (Central Vision). He compensated for a neglected education by much reading. In 1784, a second illumination confirmed him in his desire to center his whole life on God and to preach his kingdom. Through his zeal and piety, he attracted to himself crowds of believers eager to hear him. His disciples, the Michelianer, would end…

Meyer, Johann Friedrich von

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Author(s): Fabry, Jacques
Meyer, Johann Friedrich von, * 12 Sep 1772 (Frankfurt am Main), † 27 Jan 1849 (Frankfurt am Main) Trained in law, von Meyer was successively a lawyer in his native city, counselor at the Court of Appeals in Mannheim, senator in 1816, president of the Court of Appeals and the Court of Assizes in 1827, ambassador of the free towns in the federal Diet and thrice mayor of Frankfurt, that is, head of the government of the free town. Keenly interested in literature, as early as 1794 he published a novel, Kallias, and wrote many literary essays that would appear in the Teutscher Merkur, Christoph Martin…

Jung-Stilling, Johann Heinrich

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Author(s): Fabry, Jacques
Jung-Stilling, Johann Heinrich (Johann Heinrich Jung), * 12 Sep 1740 (Hilchenbach), † 2 Apr 1817 (Karlsruhe) Raised in a pietistic family, Jung soon distinguished himself by his intellectual gifts, his sensitivity and his lively imagination. Having worked in various teaching positions, he left his natal home in 1762 to escape his father's rule and exercised various occupations while leading a hard life of wandering. Following an illumination, he decided ‘to ally himself with God and let himself be guided by him…

Eckartshausen, Karl von

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Author(s): Fabry, Jacques
Eckartshausen, Karl von, * 28 Jun 1752 (Haimhausen), † 13 May 1803 (Munich) Eckartshausen attended school in Munich before going to study at the University of Ingolstadt, then directed by the Jesuits. They would have a lasting influence on his thought, and he later said that he had been guided ‘along the ways of the marvelous’ from the age of seven. An Aulic Councilor in 1776, he became a member of the Academy of Bavaria in 1777 and a secret archivist in 1784. His official functions, which he took very serio…