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 X'senebay sitqwisgebisay da sasjelisay shjulisat‛wis k‛rsitianet‛ay da sarkinozt‛a

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Author(s): Gabidzashvili, Enrico
Account of the polemics, and judgment about the belief of Christians and Saracens Arsen of Ikalto Date: Unknown, probably between 1115 and 1120 Original Language: Georgian Description The last section of Arsen of Ikalto’s Dogmaticon is directed against Islam. It recounts debates held in Tbilisi in Arabic between a Georgian monk and the followers of a local Muslim leader. The story unfolds as follows: Iamam (who is unknown elsewhere), the ‘king’ of the Muslims, comes to Tbilisi and gathers around him Christians and Muslims, among whom is a Georgian monk …

Arsen of Ikalto

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Author(s): Gabidzashvili, Enrico
Arsen Iqalt‛oeli Date of Birth: Unknown; probably in the 1050s Place of Birth: Ikalto, eastern Georgia Date of Death: Unknown; probably soon after 1125 Place of Death: Monastery of Ikalto Biography Arsen of Ikalto, also known as Arsen Beri (the Monk Arsen), Arsen Vač‛esże (Arsen the Son of Vache) and Arsen Kaliposeli (Arsen of Kalipos), is remembered as an author and translator. In the Georgian Church he is regarded as a saint. The very little that is known about his life is to be found in his own writings and brief observations from others. Arsen was probably born in the 1050s in the vi…