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 Chronique de Galawdewos, roi d'Ethiopie

(955 words)

Author(s): Gebreyes Beyene, Solomon
Chronique de Galawdewos, roi d'EthiopieZena mäwaʾǝl'Chronicle of Galawdewos, King of Ethiopia''Chronicle' Chronicle of Emperor Gälawdewos Date: March 1561 Original Language: Ge'ez Description The  Chronicle consists of 97 short chapters, running to 120 pages in Conzelman’s 1895 edition. (References in what follows are to this edition.) Its date of completion, as reported in the colophon, is March 1561, just two years after the king's death. The  Chronicle covers the whole period of Gälawdewos’s (Claudius’s) rule, which lasted 19 years. It opens by recalling …

 Chronicle of Iyasu II

(943 words)

Author(s): Gebreyes Beyene, Solomon
Annales Regum Iyasu II et Iyo’as- Chronicler of Iyasu II Date: 1730–1755 Original Language: G???z DescriptionThe  Chronicle  of Iyasu II and of his mother, Queen Bǝrhan Mogäsa, consists of a long genealogical introduction and 48 short chapters, running to 168 pages in Guidi’s 1910 edition (all references here are to this edition). From 1730 onwards, daily entries were made in the Chronicle, up until the death of the king in 1755, thus covering the 24 years of the reign of Iyasu II and his mother, regent queen Mǝntwab, who, following the death of her husband King Bäkaffa, crowned herself as nǝ…

 Chronicle of Šawan kings

(29 words)

Author(s): Gebreyes Beyene, Solomon
- Bǝlatteen geta Ḫǝruy Wäldä Sellase Date: - Original Language: Add Language Description -   Significance -   Publications Studies Keywords Solomon Gebreyes Beyene

Chronicle of Emperor Gälawdewos

(558 words)

Author(s): Gebreyes Beyene, Solomon
Biography The identity of the author of the Chronicle of Emperor Gälawdewos is not given in the text or in any other contemporary document, though the Chronicle does contain some clues about him. First, he had an outstanding command of Arabic (Conzelman, Chronique; Nöldeke, review, pp. 164-8; Guidi,  ‘La Cronaca’, pp. 114-15; see also Kropp, ‘Arabisch-äthiopische Übersetzungstechnik’, p. 329) and was intimate with the Qur’an. In fact, Guidi suggests that he originally wrote the Chronicle in Arabic and then translated it into Gǝʿǝz (Guidi, ‘La Cronaca’, p. 115). S…

 Chronicle of Takla Giyorgis I

(705 words)

Author(s): Gebreyes Beyene, Solomon
- ʾAlaqā Gabru Date: 1779-95 Original Language: G???z DescriptionThe reign of Takla Giyorgis I (known as Faṣṣāme Mangǝst, ‘Last of the line’) marks the end of the Solomonic monarchy in Ethiopia. He reigned six times: 1779-84, 1788-9, 1794-5, 1795-6, 1798-9, and 1800, the year of his death. His official  Chronicle is one of the major sources on his first reign, 1779-84. The Chronicle was written on a daily basis starting in 1779. It is structured in five sections, running to 51 pages in Weld Blundell’s edition of the Gǝʿǝz text, and 73 pages in his English translation. The first section is …

Bǝlatteen geta Ḫǝruy Wäldä Sellase

(38 words)

Author(s): Gebreyes Beyene, Solomon
Date of Birth: Place of Birth: Date of Death: Place of Death: Biography Primary Sources of Information Secondary Sources of Information Works on Christian-Muslim Relations Chronicle of Šawan kings Solomon Gebreyes Beyene

Chronicler of Iyasu II

(841 words)

Author(s): Gebreyes Beyene, Solomon
Date of Birth: 1691–5 Place of Birth: Gondar, Ethiopia Date of Death: 1755–9 Place of Death: Unknown BiographyThe author of the Chronicle  of Iyasu II is not identified in the text itself. However, it is evident that he was very close to the king and enjoyed a court life. It seems that he worked daily on the Chronicle, and took part in military campaigns and attended royal banquets at Gondär, the fixed capital of the kingdom. There is evidence to suggest that the Chronicle was probably composed by Kǝnfä Mikael, the son and successor of Sinoda, the chronicler of King Bäkaffa (r…

'Alaqā Gabru

(524 words)

Author(s): Gebreyes Beyene, Solomon
ʾAlaqā Gabru Date of Birth: Not known Place of Birth: Gondar Date of Death: Not before 1799 Place of Death: Unknown BiographyThe author of Takla Giyorgis’ Chronicle is identified in the text as ʾ Alaqā Gabru. His authorship is attested directly from the reference in the Chronicle that reads:  ‘ʾ Alaqā Gabru is the author of this chronicle’ (Weld Blundell, Royal chronicle, p. 22 [text] = p. 234 [trans.], p. 48 [text] = p. 270 [trans.]; the references that follow are to this work). He also joined the king in military campaigns during his short reign (p. 22 …