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ʿAmmār al-Baṣrī

(478 words)

Author(s): Griffith, Sidney H.
ʿAmmār al-Baṣrī ( fl. c. 236/850) was a “Nestorian” Christian apologist who wrote Arabic tracts in defence of Christian doctrines in response to challenges posed to them by Muslims. Two of his works have survived: a general apology for Christianity, the Kitāb al-burhān (“The book of proof”), written in a popular style; and the more detailed and systematic Kitāb al-masāʾiI wa-l-ajwiba (“The book of questions and answers”). In the latter especially, ʿAmmār seems to have had principally in mind the Muslim mutakallim Abū l-Hudhayl al-ʿAllāf (d. c.227/842), who, according to Ibn …
Date: 2020-06-10