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 The 1773 decree on religious toleration

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Author(s): Grishin, Evgeny
- The 1773 decree on religious toleration Date: 1773 Original Language: Russian DescriptionThe document known as ‘The 1773 decree on religious toleration’ (‘The edict of religious toleration’, or ‘Toleration of all faiths edict’) was a resolution ( vysochaishii otzyv) issued by the Empress Catherine II (r. 1762-96) in response to a report dated 29 May 1773 by Russia’s Chief Prosecutor, Aleksandr Viazemskii, concerning the Kazan Muslims. It constituted part of the Holy Synod’s official order of 17 June 1773, restricting the powers of…

 Pisʾmo Rodiona Grekova k protopopu Avvakumu

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Author(s): Grishin, Evgeny
‘Rodion Grekov’s letter to Archpriest Avvakum’ Rodion Grekov Date: Between November 1668 and August 1669 Original Language: Old Russian Description The letter sent by Rodion Grekov to Archpriest Avvakum Petrov is only one page long (23 lines). The author asks for a blessing from his spiritual father, and seeks to be mentioned in Avvakum’s prayers and to receive further correspondence from him.   Grekov informs Avvakum of the end of his five years of captivity in the Crimean Khanate. The section dealing with his captivity only occupies a few lines in the le…

Simon Azarʾin

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Author(s): Grishin, Evgeny
Savva Leontʾev syn Azarʾin Date of Birth: End of the 16th or beginning of the 17th century Place of Birth: Russia Date of Death: 1665 Place of Death: Trinity-Sergius monastery, Russia Biography Savva Leontʾev syn Azarʾin (nicknamed Bulat) came from a service family. In 1624, he took monastic vows under the name of Simon in the Trinity-Sergius monastery near Moscow, one of the richest and most influential monasteries in the country at the time. He had a successful administrative career: in 1630-1, he served as treasurer to Patr…

Feofan Prokopovich

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Author(s): Grishin, Evgeny
Feofan, Theophan, Eleazar Prokopovich, Prokopovych, Prokopowicz Date of Birth: 18 June 1681 (Old Style: 8 June 1681) Place of Birth: Kiev, Ukraine Date of Death: 19 September 1736 (Old Style: 8 September 1736) Place of Death: St Petersburg BiographyFeofan Prokopovich was a Russian-Ukrainian churchman, statesman, educator, theologian, writer and poet of the early 18th century. He was probably the most influential and best-known Orthodox cleric of the era. Born Eleazar Prokopovich in Kiev in 1681, he received his initial ecclesiastical education at the Kiev-Mohyla…

The 1773 decree on religious toleration

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Author(s): Grishin, Evgeny
Date of Birth: Place of Birth: Date of Death: Place of Death: Biography Primary Sources of Information Secondary Sources of Information Works on Christian-Muslim RelationsThe 1773 decree on religious tolerationEvgeny Grishin

 Za Mogiloiu Riaboiu

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Author(s): Grishin, Evgeny
‘Near the [place called] Riabaia Mogila’ Feofan, Theophan, Eleazar Prokopovich, Prokopovych, Prokopowicz Date: 1711 Original Language: Old Russian DescriptionIn the summer of 1711, during the so-called Pruth Campaign, Russian forces led by Tsar Peter I marched into the territory of Moldavia, a dominion of the Ottoman Empire. In July of the same year, a decisive battle between the Russian and Turkish armies took place on the River Pruth, lasting several days and resulting in thousands of casualties on both sides. …

Rodion Grekov

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Author(s): Grishin, Evgeny
Biography Information on Rodion Grekov is extremely scarce. What is known comes from the single letter he addressed to his spiritual father, Archpriest Avvakum Petrov, who was jailed in Pustozersk, a settlement in Russia’s far north. Indirect evidence allows the letter to be dated to the period between November 1668 and 1 August 1669. Archpriest Avvakum was a famous leader of the protest against Patriarch Nikon (1652-66) and the liturgical changes he initiated in the 1650s. Since Grekov dispatche…

 Kniga o novoiavlennykh chudesakh prepodobnogo Sergiia

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Author(s): Grishin, Evgeny
'Book of the newly revealed miracles of St Sergius' Savva Leontʾev syn Azarʾin Date: 1646-54 Original Language: Old Russian Description The  Kniga is a supplement to the  Zhitie (‘Life’) of St Sergius of Radonezh (1322-92), the initial version of which appeared at the beginning of the 15th century. In the foreword to the  Kniga, Simon writes that he wishes to reveal numerous miracles that had taken place since the  Zhitie appeared, in addition to which Tsar Aleksei Mikhailovich (1645-76) had commissioned him to write down the continuing miracles of St Sergius. Simon included many of…