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Unknown author

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Author(s): Grypeou , Emmanouela
Kitāb al-majāll Date of Birth: Unknown Place of Birth: Unknown Date of Death: Unknown Place of Death: Unknown Biography Primary Sources of Information Secondary Sources of Information Works on Christian-Muslim Relations Kitāb al-majāll; Jalayān Buṭrus; Emmanouela Grypeou

(Pseudo-)Stephanus of Alexandria

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Author(s): Grypeou , Emmanouela
The Horoscope of Stephanus of Alexandria Date of Birth: Unknown Place of Birth: Unknown; possibly Egypt Date of Death: Unknown Place of Death: Unknown; possibly Egypt Biography A text known as the Horoscope of Islam is pseudepigraphically attributed to Stephanus of Alexandria, a late 6th- early 7th-century teacher of philosophy, astrologer and commentator on Aristotle. Little is known about his life. According to some sources, he was summoned to Constantinople by the Emperor Heraclius (r. 610-41) as a teacher of philosophy. It is believed t…

 Kitāb al-majāll; Jalayān Buṭrus;

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Author(s): Grypeou , Emmanouela
Iktishāf Shimʿūn; Kitāb al-asrār; Kitāb al-sarāʾir al-maktūma; Kitāb al-fawāʾid; Kitāb al-kamālBook of the rolls; Apocalypse of Peter, Apocalypse of Simon; Book of the secrets; Book of the hidden secrets; Book of benefits; Book of perfection Unknown author Date: Unknown; a layered text possibly going back to the late 9th century; one early recension may be dated in the late 10th century Original Language: Arabic Description The book of the rolls or Arabic Apocalypse of Peter is transmitted in numerous Arabic and Karshūnī manuscripts. Its original language is Arabic, a…

 Stephanou philosophou Alexandreos apotelesmatike pragmateia pros Timotheon ton autou matheten, prophasen men ehousa ten neophane kai atheon nomothesian tou Moamed, polla de kai alla ton mellonton proagoreuousa

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Author(s): Grypeou , Emmanouela
By Stephanus, the philosopher of Alexandria, a complete treatise to his student, Timotheus, having as its pretext the recently appeared and godless legislation of Muḥammad but also foretelling many other things to come (Pseudo-)Stephanus of Alexandria Date: Late 8th century Original Language: Greek Description The treatise begins with a general introduction to certain basic principles of astrology. It explains that the planets influence political and social affairs on earth, and that the order of the cosmos lies under God’s control. After this theoretical introduction, Step…