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 De fine

(646 words)

Author(s): Hames, Harvey
'The goal' Ramon Llull Date: 1304 Original Language: Latin Description This work is dedicated to showing how the infidel can be converted to Christianity and the Holy Land recaptured from the Muslims. Llull divides the work into three parts, of which the most important is the first, dealing with preaching to the infidel. This was the central pivot of his life’s mission, and one that he viewed as just as important as fighting the Muslims. Llull proposes the setting up of four monasteries where the relevant…

 Doctrina pueril

(943 words)

Author(s): Hames, Harvey
'Teachings for children' Ramon Llull Date: 1274-6 Original Language: Catalan Description This work was written for Llull's son Domènec as a program for religious and scientific education. It contains 100 chapters dedicated to a wide range of subjects, such as the 14 articles of faith, the ten commandments, the sacraments, the virtues and vices, the various religions, the seven arts, the hierarchical structure of society, and chapters dealing with the soul, life, death, the four elements, and so on. In chapter 71, following chapters dealing with the natural law, the Old Law…

 Liber disputationis Raimundi Christiani et Homeri Saraceni

(766 words)

Author(s): Hames, Harvey
'The disputation between Ramon the Christian and Omar the Saracen' Ramon Llull Date: 1308 Original Language: Latin Description This book, which was written in Pisa, was the result of what happened to Llull when he was preaching in Bougie in 1307. He was put in prison, and there he held an ongoing disputation with Omar, a Muslim who came to visit him. Omar wanted to demonstrate that the two central beliefs of Christianity, the Trinity and Incarnation, could not be proved rationally. Llull suggested that they shoul…

 Cent noms de Déu

(325 words)

Author(s): Hames, Harvey
'The hundred names of God' Ramon Llull Date: Possibly 1292 Original Language: Catalan Description This is a poem consisting of 1,009 lines arranged in three-line stanzas. According to the Muslim tradition, 99 names of God are mentioned in the Qur’an, and knowledge of the hundredth name was the knowledge of all there was to know. Llull lists 100 names of God, devoting ten lines to each, in order to counter the claim that the Qur’an is the most perfect book of divine revelation. Significance This work offers an insight into Llull’s attitude towards the relationship between Islam …

 Llibre del gentil i dels tres savis

(1,512 words)

Author(s): Hames, Harvey
'The book of the Gentile and the three wise men' Ramon Llull Date: About 1274 Original Language: Catalan Description This work presents a cordial debate between a Jew, a Christian and a Muslim before a Gentile who seeks truth. The three wise men wish to prove the truth of their respective faiths, when they meet Lady Intelligence who explains the nature and properties of the flowers of the five trees being watered by a stream in the glade. These trees contain the principles of the Art by which the three wise men ag…

Ramon Llull

(1,303 words)

Author(s): Hames, Harvey
Biography Ramon Llull was born in Majorca in the years following its conquest in 1229 by King James I of the Crown of Aragon. The king's expedition was probably funded in part by Llull’s father, who received lands in Palma and elsewhere on the island as a reward. The young Ramon received an education commensurate with his class, and he became the steward of the future king, James II of Majorca. He married Blanca Picany around 1257 and they had two children, Domènec and Magdalena. According to the Vita coaetanea (a selective autobiography dictated by Llull in 1311 in Paris to some Ca…