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 Al-durra l-yatīma fī l-ghanīma

(854 words)

Author(s): Haredy, Mohsen
‘The inimitable pearl on the spoils of war’ Abū l-Ikhlās Ḥasan ibn ʿAmmār al-Shurunbulālī Date: Drafted in 1653/4 Original Language: Arabic Description There are several extant copies of Al-durra l-yatīma fī l-ghanīma, two of which are preserved at the Khālidiyya Library in Jerusalem. One of these, MS Jerusalem – Or. 864, mentions that it was first drafted in 1653/4 (1064 AH), and the copyist is unknown. The other copy, MS Jerusalem – Or. 863, was copied by Ismāʿīl al-ʿAmrūsī l-Dimashqī. The title page announces that the work will discuss the pacts concluded by Muslims wit…

 Qahr al-milla l-kufriyya bi-l-adilla l-Muḥammadiyya li-takhrīb dayr al-maḥalla l-Juwwāniyya

(603 words)

Author(s): Haredy, Mohsen
Qahr al-milla l-kufriyya‘Subduing the unbelieving community [of the Christians] with Muḥammadan arguments for the destruction of the monastery of al-Juwwāniyya quarter’, ‘Subduing the unbelieving community’ Abū l-Ikhlās Ḥasan ibn ʿAmmār al-Shurunbulālī Date: 1657/8 Original Language: Arabic Description This short treatise, along with Al-athar al-maḥmūd fī qahr dhawī l-ʿuhūd, deals with rulings on churches, namely, whether Christians should be permitted to build churches in countries with a majority Muslim population. It covers four pages (p…

Abū l-Ikhlāṣ al-Miṣrī

(420 words)

Author(s): Haredy, Mohsen
Abū l-Ikhlās Ḥasan ibn ʿAmmār al-Shurunbulālī Date of Birth: 1585 Place of Birth: Shubrā Balūla, Minūfiyya, Egypt Date of Death: 1659 Place of Death: Cairo Biography Ḥasan ibn ʿAmmār ibn ʿAlī l-Shurunbulālī l-Ḥanafī, better known as Abū l-Ikhlāṣ al-Miṣrī, was also called al-Wafāʾī, as he was a follower of the al-Wafāʾī Sufi order. His father moved to Cairo when Abū l-Ikhlāṣ was six years old; there, during his childhood, he memorised the Qur’an and learned Islamic sciences. He visited Jerusalem in 1626 in the company of …

Ziyāda ibn Yaḥyā l-Naṣb al-Rāsī l-Muhtadī

(482 words)

Author(s): Haredy, Mohsen
Date of Birth: Unknown Place of Birth: Syria Date of Death: Unknown Place of Death: Cairo, Egypt Biography Ziyāda ibn Yaḥyā l-Naṣb al-Rāsī l-Muhtadī (the convert), is known by two  nisbas, ‘al-Naṣb’ (referring to the city of Naṣībīn in Syria) and al-Rāsī (city of Rās al-ʿAyn in Syria). One of the manuscripts of his work  Al-baḥth al-ṣarīḥ gives his name as Ziyāda ibn Yaḥyā l-Shatl al-Rāsī. In  Īḍāḥ al-maknūn, al-Baghdādī gives his name as Ziyādatullāh al-Muhtadī. Little is known about the details of his life, and there is controversy among historians about the century…

 Al-baḥth al-ṣarīḥ fī ayyimā huwa l-dīn al-ṣaḥīḥ

(571 words)

Author(s): Haredy, Mohsen
‘The frank research into which is the true religion’ Ziyāda ibn Yaḥyā l-Naṣb al-Rāsī l-Muhtadī Date: Unknown Original Language: Arabic Description Al-baḥth al-ṣarīḥ discusses highly disputed issues between Christianity and Islam. It covers 197 folios in the Dār al-Kutub MS, which is complete and is written in good handwriting, but neither the date of copying nor the name of the copier are known. In the Tübingen MS, there are a number of missing folios between the beginning of the 25th ‘doubt’ and the middle of the 28th ‘doubt’. The work focuses on the following themes: 1. Invalidation of…

Maryam al-Adhraʿiyya

(1,236 words)

Author(s): Haredy, Mohsen
Maryam bt. Aḥmad b. Muḥammad b. Ibrāhīm b. Ibrāhīm b. Dāwūd b. Ḥāzim al-Adhraʿī al-Miṣrī al-Ḥanafī, known as al-Shaykha Maryam al-Adhraʿiyya (b. c.719/1319, d. 805/1402–3), was a reliable authority for various ḥadīth compilations from diverse genres. The details of Maryam’s life are based on Ibn Ḥajar’s Muʿjam al-Shaykha Maryam, which is available at Dār al-Kutub al-Miṣriyya, in Cairo ( ḥadīth no. 1421). Maryam was born in Cairo to a family descended from the Adhri(u)ʿāt (present-day Dirʿā), a village in Syria. No biographical dictionary mentions a husb…
Date: 2020-06-10

 Al-ajwiba l-jaliyya li-daḥḍ al-daʿawāt al-Naṣrāniyya

(333 words)

Author(s): Haredy, Mohsen
‘The clear answers in refuting the Christian allegations’ Ziyāda ibn Yaḥyā l-Naṣb al-Rāsī l-Muhtadī Date: Unknown Original Language: Arabic Description After finishing  Al-baḥth al-ṣarīḥ, Ziyāda sent it to one of his friends, Abū Ibrāhīm al-Ḥadīdī al-Manīʿ. Al-Manīʿ read it and was about to convert to Islam, but a group of Christian scholars asked him some questions that cast doubt on the Islamic faith. Al-Manīʿ wrote out these questions and sent them to Ziyāda, who answered them in a further book,  Al-ajwiba l-jaliyya li-daḥḍ al-daʿawāt al-Naṣrāniyya. After reading these respo…

 Al-athar al-maḥmūd fī qahr dhawī l-juḥūd

(523 words)

Author(s): Haredy, Mohsen
Al-athar al-maḥmūd fī qahr dhawī l-juḥūd; , Al-athar al-maḥmūd fī qahr dhawī l-ʿuhūd al-juḥūd‘The praised tradition in subduing the people of difficulties’ Abū l-Ikhlās Ḥasan ibn ʿAmmār al-Shurunbulālī Date: 1652 Original Language: Arabic Description There are slight variations in the titles associated with this treatise. The original 1652 MS, which covers 9 folios, gives the title as  Al-athar al-maḥmūd fī qahr dhawī l-juḥūd, while other MSS give the word  al-ʿuhūd instead of  al-juḥūd. In  Hadiyyat al-ʿ ārifīn it is given as  Al-athar al-maḥmūd fī qahr dhawī l-ʿuhūd  al-juḥūd.…