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Author(s): Johnson, Eric
Notes Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Prozorovskii Date: Approximately 1780 Original Language: Russian Description The  Zapiski general-fel’dmarshala kniazia Aleksandra Aleksandrovicha Prozorovskogo, 1756-1776 (‘Notes of Field Marshal General Duke Alexander Alexandrovich Prozorovskii’) were first published in 2004, relying on materials from the Collection of Written Sources at the Russian National Historical Museum. The 2004 edition (784 pages) was prepared and edited by A.K. Afanas’ev, who also contributed commentary, …

L.N. Engel’gardt

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Author(s): Johnson, Eric
Lev Nikolaievich Engel’gardt Date of Birth: 21 February 1766 (Old Style: 10 February 1766) Place of Birth: Zaitsevo, Smolensk Province, Russia Date of Death: 16 November 1836 (Old Style: 4 November 1836) Place of Death: Moscow Biography Lev Engel’gardt was born near Smolensk in 1766. Originally christened Kharlampii (Charlambos), he was renamed Lev at a young age, in memory of an uncle killed in the Seven Years’ War (1756-63). Engel’gardt’s father, Nikolai, was a long-serving civil official with the rank of senior state councillor ( deistvitelnyi statskii sovetnik), and close fami…

 Perechen’ iz sobstvennago svoego zhurnala

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Author(s): Johnson, Eric
Materialy dlia istorii Bessarabii, o voine pri zavoievanii Moldavii i Bessarabii v 1787, 1788, 1789 i 1790 godakh‘Compendium from his own journal’ Second Major von Raan Date: 1787-90 Original Language: Russian DescriptionVon Raan’s  Perechen’ (in full, Perechen’ iz obstvennago svoego zhurnala v prodolzhenie proshedshei voiny pri zavoevanii Moldavii i Bessarabii S 1787 po 1790 god, ‘Compendium from his own journal, kept over the course of the recent war during the conquest of Moldavia and Bessarabia, from 1787 to 1790’) is a collection of his person…

 Zapiski L’va Nikolaevicha Engel’gardta

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Author(s): Johnson, Eric
‘Notes of Lev Nikolaevich Engel’gardt’ Lev Nikolaievich Engel’gardt Date: 1835 Original Language: Russian Description Engel’gardt conceived of his  Zapiski as a memoir of his life and times. He recorded them in a series of notebooks between 1826 and 1835, frequently reading passages aloud for family and close friends. The notebooks were misplaced after his death, and only recovered by his son-in-law, Nikolai Putiata, in 1858. In addition to various published excerpts, the complete memoir has been issued repeatedly, with three significant variations: an 1859 e…

Von Raan

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Author(s): Johnson, Eric
Second Major von Raan Date of Birth: Unknown Place of Birth: Possibly Germany Date of Death: Unknown Place of Death: Unknown BiographyAlthough Von Raan’s precise origins are not known, he referred to himself as a foreign national ( chuzhestranets), indicating he was not a native of the Russian Empire. Details from his letters suggest that he was not Austrian, and that he read German, so he may have been from one of the German states. Despite his aristocratic appellation, Von Raan entered Russian service because, as he put it, he ‘possessed neither friends nor prospects’ ( Perechen’, p. vii…

A.A. Prozorovskii

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Author(s): Johnson, Eric
Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Prozorovskii Date of Birth: Approximately 1733 Place of Birth: Unknown Date of Death: 8 August 1809 (21 August 1809 New Style) Place of Death: Army camp on the Măcin branch of the Danube River, Ottoman Empire (in present-day Romania) Biography Alexander Prozorovskii was born into an old Muscovite noble family. His father had been sent to Holland for naval training by Peter the Great, and upon his return he rose to command a ship in the Russian Navy. He was forced to retire, however, after his leg was crushed in a boat collision, and he died in 1740. Young Alexander was…