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Author(s): Kathy Gower
Conques was first founded some time around 819 CE by the hermit, Dadon, the founder of a Benedictine order in the isolated, shell shaped plateau above the Dourdou River in southeastern France. Louis the Pious, son of Charlemagne, made donations of land to the monastery founded there and gave gifts of precious gold, silver and gems which were part of the original treasury. Saint Foy (Saint Faith) was a fourth-century virgin and martyr whose earthly remains are preserved in a golden, jewel encrusted statue on a gilded throne in Conques. Born in Agen, St Foy w…

Le Puy

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Author(s): Kathy Gower
Le Puy lies about 325 miles south of Paris on the site of Mount Anis, a volcanic peak on the Vélay plain in the Auvergne. "Puy" means volcanic mountain and the city is surrounded by them. Mount Anis, or Corneille Rock had long been a site of pre-Christian worship, first as a Celtic, then Roman pagan site. It is the location of a miraculous spring sacred for thousands of years. In the first century CE it was dedicated to a local god and the emperor Augustus, and was the home of the Pierre des Fièvres, or Fever Rock, part of a group of huge standing stones that form…