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 Persiaanse secretaris

(1,003 words)

Author(s): Kruijtzer, Gijs
'Persian secretary’ Daniel Houwert, Hauwert, Havert, Havardt Date: 1689 Original Language: Dutch Description Persiaanse secretaris stems from Havart’s collaboration in Hyderabad with Shāh Qāsim and Cornelis van der Murter. It is a palm-sized volume of 168 pages containing an introduction to the drafting of Persian documents, a survey of Muslim holidays and customs in Golconda, and 114 Persian and Arabic sayings in Dutch translation. Its full title is Persiaanse secretaris of een nette beschryving van de stijl die de Persianen gebruiken in hare brieven en notaria…

 Op- en ondergang van Cormandel

(941 words)

Author(s): Kruijtzer, Gijs
‘Rise and fall of Coromandel’ Daniel Houwert, Hauwert, Havert, Havardt Date: 1693 Original Language: Dutch DescriptionHavart appears to have written the 568 pages of his best-known work in two stages. Its full title is Op- en ondergang van Cormandel. In zijn binnenste geheel open, en ten toon gesteld. Waar in nauwkeurig verhandeld word een ware en duydelijke beschrijving van alles, wat op Zuyder, en Noorder Cormandel, zo in steden, dorpen, vlekken, rivieren, gebergtens, enz. aanmerkens waardig te zien is. Als mede de handel der …

Daniel Havart

(1,042 words)

Author(s): Kruijtzer, Gijs
Daniel Houwert, Hauwert, Havert, Havardt Date of Birth: Probably 29 December 1650 Place of Birth: Probably Amsterdam Date of Death: 2 June 1724 Place of Death: Rotterdam BiographyAccording to two biographical notes, Daniel Havart was born in 1650 in Amsterdam to Elisabeth Vermeer and Servaes Houwert, although neither the date nor the place of his birth is confirmed by any records. In his publications, his name appears as Havart but alternative spellings found in records from his early life are Houwert, Hauwert, Havert and…

 Three letters to the VOC Governor General in Batavia

(870 words)

Author(s): Kruijtzer, Gijs
- Hājī Baṛī Ṣaḥib wālida-yi Alī ʿĀdil Shāh; Khadīja Sulṭāna Date: 25 February 1661; 26 March 1661; 25 May 1663 Original Language: Persian DescriptionThe three letters written by Baṛī Ṣaḥib to the Dutch governor general, each of which takes up about one page in the Dagh-register edition, appear to be her only extant writings, although it is possible that there are also letters by her in the archives of the Portuguese Estado da  Indía in Lisbon or Goa, but none are included in the various listings of materials from these archives (personal communication from Jorge Flo…

 Den Persiaanschen Boogaard

(1,086 words)

Author(s): Kruijtzer, Gijs
‘The Persian orchard’ Daniel Houwert, Hauwert, Havert, Havardt Date: 1679 and 1688 Original Language: Dutch DescriptionIn September 1679, Shāh Qāsim finalised his transcription of the classic Persian poem, Saʿdī’s Būstān (completed 1257), for Daniel Havart. Two months later, Havart completed his prose Dutch translation of this work, or at least finished the translation of the introduction. The manuscript has the Persian and Dutch texts running side-by-side, i.e. the Persian text, in rectangular frames on smooth thin paper, …

Baṛī Ṣaḥib bint Muḥammad Quṭb Shāh

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Author(s): Kruijtzer, Gijs
Hājī Baṛī Ṣaḥib wālida-yi Alī ʿĀdil Shāh; Khadīja Sulṭāna Date of Birth: Before about 1617 Place of Birth: Golconda sultanate, India Date of Death: 1668 Place of Death: Mokha BiographyAs the daughter of Sultan Muḥammad Quṭb Shāh of Golconda and the sister or half-sister of his successor, Baṛī Ṣaḥib entered the chronicles in 1633, at the time of her betrothal to Muḥammad ʿĀdil Shāh of the neighbouring sultanate of Bijapur. Piecing together the information available about her from contemporary chronicles, the  Muḥammad  nāma written at the court of Bijapur and the  Ḥadīqat al-salāṭīn w…