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Armenian, Hebrew Loanwords in

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Author(s): La Porta, Sergio
Armenian constitutes an independent branch of the Indo-European family of languages (Hübschmann 1875), with close affinities to ancient Phrygian (Diakonoff 1984) and Greek (Clackson 1994). Although ancient sources testify to the existence of the Armenian language from antiquity, the earliest written sources date to the 5th century C.E., subsequent to the creation of the Armenian alphabet by Mesrop Maštoc‘ at the beginning of that century. One of the remarkable features of Armenian has been its a…

Gregory of Tat‘ew

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Author(s): La Porta, Sergio
Grigor Tat‘ewats‘i, Krikor Dat‘evats‘i Date of Birth: 1344 Place of Birth: Either the fortress of T‘mok‘/T‘mogvi, Georgia, or in Vayots‘ Dzor, Armenia Date of Death: 1409 Place of Death: Monastery of Tat‘ew Biography Gregory of Tat‘ew was an Armenian Apostolic monk and director of the school at the Monastery of Tat‘ew in the Armenian province of Siwnik‘. According to Gregory’s student, Matthew of Jugha (Matt‘ēos Jughayets‘i), Gregory was born in the Georgian fortress of T‘mok‘/T‘mogvi and raised by his brother at the court of K…

 Girkʿ Hartsʿmantsʿ

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Author(s): La Porta, Sergio
‘Book of questions’ Gregory of Tat‘ew Date: 1397 Original Language: Armenian Description The Book of questions is divided into ten volumes that in the printed edited are further subdivided into 40 sections. Each section presents a series of questions ascribed to a supposed pupil, and the master’s responses. Its overall structure evidences its systematic approach and reveals a clear theological program. Vol. 1 contains polemics against those who believe in fate and in the divine creation of evil, as well as aga…