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Karaite Judaism

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Author(s): Lasker, Daniel J.
Karaite Judaism is characterized by its denial of the authority of the Oral Law of the rabbis as represented in the Talmud and Rabbinic codes. The denial of Rabbinic authority led Karaites (literally: scripturalists, but there are other suggested etymologies of the term) to develop their own fully formed alternative to Rabbanism (the common term for Rabbinic Judaism in the context of discussions of Karaism), including religious practices, a legal system, biblical exegesis, and historiography. Ka…

Christianity, Medieval Jewish Debates with

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Author(s): Lasker, Daniel J.
Christianity emerged out of first-century Judaism, and Christians have always looked upon Jews differently from how they have viewed members of other religions. The vast majority of Jews' refusal to convert to Christianity, despite the fact that Jews and Christians both regard the Hebrew Scriptures as authoritative and as predictive of the coming of the messiah, has been seen as a particular insult to the younger religion and its founder. Therefore, from the dawn of Christianity, Jews have been …