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Author(s): Lisy-Wagner, Laura
‘Against the Qur’an’ Venceslaus Budovetz, Wenzeslaus Budovitz, Wenzel von Budovec Date: 1614 Original Language: Czech Description As he states in the work, Budovec wrote  Antialkorán (in full, Antialkorán to jest mocní a nepřemožení důvodové toho, že Alkorán turecký z ďábla pošel, a to původem ariánů s vědomým proti Duchu svatému rouháním, ‘Against the Qur’an, which is the powerful and unvanquished explanation that the Turkish Qur’an came from the devil and was originally Arian and with conscious blasphemy against the Holy Spirit’) because the …

 Příhody Václava Vratislava z Mitrovic

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Author(s): Lisy-Wagner, Laura
‘Adventures of Václav Vratislav z Mitrovic’ Václav Vratislav z Mitrovic Date: 1599; first published 1777 Original Language: Czech Description Příhody Václava Vratislava z Mitrovic (in full,  Příhody Václava Vratislava svobodného pána z Mitrovic, které on v tureckém hlavním městě Konstantinopoli viděl, ‘Adventures of Václav Vratislav, baron of Mitrovic, who saw these things in the Turkish capital Constantinople’) is the record of Vratislav’s experiences as a member of the Friedrich von Kreckwitz embassy from the Holy Roman Emperor Rud…

Bartoloměj Dvorský

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Author(s): Lisy-Wagner, Laura
Biography Little is known about the life of Bartoloměj Dvorský, other than what he wrote about himself in his polemic, Proti Alchoranu. He was an Utraquist pastor in the town of Kouřim in central Bohemia, and the Ottoman successes in Hungary in the 1540s provoked him to write this work. Primary Sources of Information The only source associated with the author is the Proti Alchoranu itself. Secondary Sources of Information L. Lisy-Wagner, Islam, Christianity, and the making of Czech identity, 1453-1683, Burlington VT, 2013 T. Rataj, České země ve stínu půlměsíce. Obraz Turka v ran…

 Putování aneb Cesta z Království českého do města Benátek, odtud po moři do země Svaté

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Author(s): Lisy-Wagner, Laura
‘Pilgrimage or journey from the kingdom of Bohemia to the city of Venice and from there by sea to the Holy Land’ Kryštof Harant z Polžic a Bezdružic Date: 1608 Original Language: Czech Description Harant’s narrative is one of the primary vehicles by which readers of Czech in the 17th century would have learned about the Islamic world, though it provides little information that would have been new to readers of Latin or German. It is a travelogue, detailing the 1598 pilgrimage of Harant and his brother-in-law, Heřman Černín z Chudenic. The text…

 Proti Alchoranu

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Author(s): Lisy-Wagner, Laura
Proti Alchoranu‘Against the Qur’an’ Bartoloměj Dvorský Date: 1542 Original Language: Czech Description This work is a polemic that seeks to point out so-called errors in the Qur’an for its Christian audience (its full title is  Proti Alchoranu,  totiž zákonu Tureckému a Saracenskému a falešnímu jich náboženství, a že vrchnostem církve křesťanské přináleží víry svaté i lidu proti jich ukrutenství obhajovati. A kterak se k tomu připraviti mají, aby jim Pán Buoh ráčil dáti vítězství, knižky dvoje, and the original edition is 92 pages long). It follows the tradition that …

Václav Budovec z Budova

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Author(s): Lisy-Wagner, Laura
Venceslaus Budovetz, Wenzeslaus Budovitz, Wenzel von Budovec Date of Birth: 28 August 1551 Place of Birth: Hradec Králové, Bohemia Date of Death: 21 June 1621 Place of Death: Prague, Bohemia Biography Václav Budovec z Budova was raised by his family to be a committed member of a Czech Protestant church called the Unity of the Brethren. He was educated at the University of Wittenberg, though long after Luther’s death, and also at Rostock with David Chytraeus. It was from Chytraeus that he gained both his interest in the Ottoma…

Václav Vratislav z Mitrovic

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Author(s): Lisy-Wagner, Laura
Date of Birth: 1576 Place of Birth: Bohemia Date of Death: 22 November 1635 Place of Death: Bohemia Biography Václav Vratislav z Mitrovic, called ‘Tureček’ or the ‘Little Turk’, was the eldest son of a knightly family; he was educated at a Jesuit school in the southern Bohemian town of Jindřichův Hradec. In 1591, at the age of 15, he was sent to Istanbul in the service of Friedrich von Kreckwitz, the Emperor Rudolf II’s (d. 1612) ambassador to Sultan Murad III (r. 1574-95). When war broke out between the Ottomans …

Kryštof Harant z Polžic a Bezdružic

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Author(s): Lisy-Wagner, Laura
Date of Birth: 1564 Place of Birth: Klenová Castle, near Klatovy, Bohemia Date of Death: 21 June 1621 Place of Death: Prague, Bohemia Biography Best known for his music and his travel writing, Kryštof Harant led a life marked by geographical and social mobility. He was born into a family of the lower gentry, and was sent as a page to the Austrian court of Ferdinand of Tyrol. There he was given a broad education, visited Italy, and came into contact with Renaissance art and music. When he returned to Bohemia as a young man, he married and fought in Hungary against the Ottoman Empire. He lost his wif…